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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working the Layers

Hello everyone!!

Even though the weather isn't quite so cold here anymore, I'm sure that isn't the case everywhere so here is a look from a while back when the weather here was awfully cold! I have my grey henley under a purple button down tunic under a heather grey sweater under a black blazer! I still needed my coat on top as well but I was toasty all day long as I wandered to and fro at my campus.


I added the belt due to the funky color as well as I wanted to maintain my own silhouette and not have all those layers bulk me up. The boots kind of toughened it up but the pearls and light makeup balance it out. This was my first attempt at a really layered look and I'm pretty happy about the outcome and would totally go for it again. It actually made me make a mental note to myself to get more long button downs and henleys to pull this off next winter!

So how are you guys feeling about this one? What are your main pieces for an excellent layered look? Do you not like the layered look because of the possibility of looking bulky or do you not mind the bulk as long as you're warm?

As much as I like this look, I've already been getting into the early Spring weather because I have been awaiting it for so long!! I'm ready to enjoy some warm weather! How about you?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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