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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Simple Additions for an Awesome Summer

Hey everyone!

It's Day 2 of Haul Week! Today I'll be showing some purchases from Target and Marshalls that have already begun to play a big role in my Summer style, and I don't doubt that they'll continue to do so.

C9 by Champion "Breathe" Power Workout Tee--Color(s): Heather Grey/White--Bought at $3.24 (Clearance)--No longer available online (Check your local Target or check out these tees also by C9 by Champion)

Mossimo Supply Co. Straw Panama Hat (Modeled by my Build-a-Bear Benjamin Wright--He's turning 4 in August!)--Color(s): White/Black--Bought at $14.99--Currently out of stock online/Available In-Store

Mossimo Supply Co. Canvas Backpack--Color(s): Beige/Brown--Bought at $24.99--Backpack Not Available Online but Crossbody is/Available In Store

Mossimo Ultrasoft Pullover Sweater--Color(s): Olive--Bought at $4.48 (Clearance)--Now $17.99

Merona Petites Trenchette Jacket--Color(s):Navy--Bought at $14.98 (Clearance)--Now $13.98 (SALE!!)
**NOTE: This jacket is also available in regular sizes as well as plus sizes

White Mountain 'Seaside' Women's Boat Shoe--Color(s): Tan/Beige--Bought at $34.99--Now $29.99 on White Mountain's website (SALE!!)

iWave LX100 Stereo Earbuds--Color(s): Silver/Grey--Bought at $7.99--Available on Lockerz for $12.99
**NOTE: This is a part of iWave's Crystallized Collection, meaning that there are other colors and crystal designs available, if plain silver is not your cup o' tea. Also, the pink thing you see attached is the bobino Cord Wrap, which was gifted to my father by The Container Store but as he had one, he gave it to me. It's available in Small, Medium and Large at $2.99, $3.99, and $4.99, respectively.

With exception to the jacket and sweater, which I picked up A. they were on clearance and B. they are great once Autumn begins to settle in (NOTE: it's important to think ahead when you come across such things), all these items are so fit for Summer and exactly what I've been looking for! 

With the Target purchases: The hat gives me a break from my usual fedora-and-cap rotations and its straw-like make screams Summertime. The backpack was something I fell for immediately when I locked eyes with it and is beyond perfection for my life: Useful for Summer trips to the Beach or Park or anywhere you can think of; Can carry numerous books for a bibliophile like myself (currently carrying Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Dune by Frank Herbert); The previous point gives it the perk of being perfect for school as well as its total of NINE pockets (that's including the open pockets on the inside for small things you need readily accessible); Its laidback vintage look makes it easy to transition with many things in my wardrobe. Am I convincing you yet? If not, that's ok. I don't necessarily want to make you go out and get it, but merely pointing out what a great choice it would be to have if you find yourself needing to carry a load every once in a while. The "Breathe" tee was something my mom found and I thought it had a cute design and would be perfect for any occasions I need to work out (something my lazy self has been postponing) as well as something cute to wear when just relaxing at home.

With the Marshalls purchases: Boat shoes have blown up with the heavy focus on the nautical trend this season. I first saw these in YouTuber and fashion blogger Dulce Candy's Haul and thought that they looked comfortable as well as versatile, though I didn't think I was going to get them. Lo and behold, as I continued my search for the perfect wedges in Marshalls (a continuous failure due to my list of requirements), I came across these shoes as well as a platinum version but decided to go with the tan ones. I've been wearing these puppies constantly and for someone who struggles wearing flat shoes, these are so ideal for my feet! I especially like to pair it up with the backpack, hat, and skinny cargos I showed yesterday, though not all at once, less I want to look like a lost safari travel guide who should be in Australia instead of New York City. As for the headphones, I'm also a musicophile that has the miserable luck of destroying or losing headphones at a ridiculous rate. I intended on including these to the gifts for my dad on Father's Day but crystallized anything isn't really his style and though it claimed to be for men (the length kind of abides by that) I got them for myself and finally got to use my cute little bobino to add an extra touch to fantastic set of earbuds, which work fantastically might I say! Besides, what's Summer without excellent tunes to dance to?!

What do you think of today's haul items? What are some of your summer essentials? Are you hunting for anything you feel should be included like I am for these wedges? What constitutes an awesome Summer for you? What do you have planned to make this Summer awesome? If it's Winter where you are now, how did you make last Summer a really fun one?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Cheap Essentials for the Wardrobe

Hey there everyone!

So let's get this haul started, shall we?! Everyday this week I'll be putting up another part of the overall haul with a different segment for each day. Today I'll be showing the few things I've picked up at numerous inexpensive stores that provide good basics to rely on when stuck in a stylish rut.


Women's Cross-Front Jersey Dress--Color(s): Kelly Green (No longer available)--Bought at $6.99 (On Sale)--Now $14.99-15.99 (SALE!!)

Women's Tie-Belt Shorts--Color(s): Basewood Brown--Bought at about $12 (On Sale)--Now $11.99/15.99 (SALE!!)

Mystique Boutique:
Asymmetrical Striped Boat-Neck Tee with Button Sleeves--Color(s): Navy Blue/Oatmeal--Bought at $6.99 (On Sale)--Available In-Store only--Seen here

Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez Junior's Skinny Cargo Pants--Color(s): Beige--Bought at $9.99--Still $9.99--Seen here

Tenley Shopper (Minicci)--Color(s): Tan--Bought at $24.99--Still $24.99 (SALE!!)--Seen here and with Asymmetrical Striped Boat-Neck Tee with Button Sleeves

Isabel Toledo for Payless High Ghillie Sandal--Color(s): Patent Black/Yellow--Bought at $21 (Clearance)--No Longer Available (Except maybe in a few stores who still have it on clearance)
Admittedly, not an essential, but these shoes are a surprising little pair that looked awful in the box but when worn, they transform into something easy to wear and comfortable! Isabel Toledo knew what she was doing when she designed these. Expect to see these a lot over the Summer!

Polo with Colored Collar--Color(s): Heather Grey/Black--Gifted (Bought for about $4)--Available In-Store only (Check here for Store Locations)

Plaid Tunic with Flower Tattoo and Rhinestones--Color(s): Sky Blue/Blue/Green/Cream/Black--Gifted (Bought at $9.99)--Available In-Store Only (Check here for Store Locations)

This was also my outfit today as I'm going to Jury Duty this week, so I kept it simple and abiding their dress code (No Shorts, No Tanks, No See-Through Clothing). After I was dressed and on my way, I noticed I took an unsuspecting inspiration from Reggie Lass, a character on the show Dead Like Me and in the film Dead Like Me: Life After Death. I saw the film last night and as I got dressed today I didn't realize I unsuspectingly went to her look in it, which consisted of tunics paired with capris or leggings and sneakers. She always wore her hair loose, except when working (no one wants hair in their ice cream) and though she no longer wore glasses in the film, she did all throughout the series. Very simple and cute for a teenager.

Any items you like from Day 1 of the Haul? What's your faves and hates? What do you consider essentials for the wardrobe? Any items that don't appear essential at first sight but after giving them a try, you find them to be more versatile than expected? Have you seen Dead Like Me? If you haven't, I HIGHLY recommend it!! The film wasn't superb but the series is absolutely fantastic!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not So Fast Now!

Hey Y'all!

So much for getting back into the swing of things on here last week, but I didn't realize when I posted how packed my week was going to be! My mistake, and I apologize, but you'll definitely be seeing a lot from me this week. Why? I mentioned toward the beginning of the month that I wanted to do a haul of some things I picked up over Memorial Weekend (feels like forever ago!) but due to my laziness, I've been accumulating things within the month while delaying the haul. Initially, I was delaying because I wanted to make a video haul but as I don't have a quality video camera, I figured there is no need to sacrifice quality because I wanted to be impatient (also, this would mean I'd need to start developing a consistency on my channel and I'm not quite ready to take that step as of yet--patience is a virtue!). So I've decided that to get myself back into the swing of things on here as well as to tackle the ever-growing amount of items taking a part in my haul, I'd declare this week Haul Week!

BUT! Before I get started on sharing all the goods, I wanted to show y'all why I was so busy last week. The reason: My younger cousin went to her 8th Grade Prom as well as had her Graduation! I went for both occasions as her photographer/supporting cousin and couldn't have been more proud! What made me absolutely thrilled on both occasions was the fact that though these were moments representing the fact that she was growing up, she was till true to who she is a young person. Don't really understand what I mean? Here's the first set on the way to her prom:


And here is her after her graduation:


Now do you see what I mean? She's an absolute doll, I tell you! What I love about her in both of these celebrations is that she does not try to exceed her age even though the celebrations are all about her growth (physical as well as intellectual, though mostly the latter). So many girls at the age of 14 become so focused on becoming an adult as soon as possible and so they try to dress the part, but looking the part doesn't mean anything if you can't follow through on the responsibilities. Here, Genesis shows off her youth in proper way with heels that are comfortable for her and through wedges; dresses that flatter her figure beautifully and have a fun, youthful vibe to them; a simple hairdo paired with light makeup; and chic yet simple accessories, especially that diploma--nothing classier than that! Both times I saw her, my jaw dropped because it was a true testament to the overall beautiful young woman she's growing up to be and I find her to be such a fantastic example of dressing for who you are age-wise as well as for your body type. Whether young or old or somewhere in between, whatever you feel you are, dress to the nines on every occasion with pride! Your age can be nothing but a number but make it an important part of who you are that you honor through your style.

So what do you think of this gal? What did you wear for your middle school prom/graduation? Any youngsters in your life that you are helping out on their road to determining their style (cousins, nieces/nephews, daughters/sons, godchildren, friends)? If you could go back to that time, would you have worn the same thing again and why/why not? Any memories you'd like to share; all embarrassing, amazing, funny,  just plain weird, or super special ones are welcome to the comments section!

I didn't have a prom in 8th grade but I'll try to see if I can find any full shots of my Graduation Day to share with you all. I will admit that this dress was not initially what I wanted and was kind of weird as I was still trying to figure myself out but I think the dress was quite adequate for the occasion. I don't know that I'd pick it once again, perhaps I'd change the color to red, but I won't go into too much detail until I find a picture so that you guys can follow up on what I'm blabbering about.

Congratulations Genesis! You look absolutely fantastic sweetie!

Hasta Luego! Hope you enjoy Haul Week!

Little Luna

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Me Reintroduce Myself!

Hey everyone!

I took the last week off to just relax since school has officially ended and my vacation officially took off, meaning extra time in bed, extra time to read, extra time to relax overall! I probably should have at least mentioned that but I got too darn lazy in the process. lol It happens! But break time is over, at least for my blogs, and I'm ready to start offering you guys a whole lot more this Summer! I actually saw my post related to my official return at the beginning of the year and am so proud that I have exceeded my hopes in progress, and it's really given me the boast of confidence to continue! So let's get right into it, shall we?

This will be a rather quick post as I'm in the midst of a Father's Day Extravaganza for the man who has given me so much in my life and dedicating this wonderful day to him (I'm hoping to grab his gifts at some point to show off since he's very traditional and I must respect his privacy so I won't be able to get him to model them for me). Anyway, last Friday was my middle school reunion (yeah, we have those!) The reason is my middle school was not just a school, but a community and home to so many students that attended there so you can pretty much call it a family reunion. I didn't attend last year but this year I did, and I'm so thankful for it. I had such an amazing time even though only 3 other people of my year showed up and 3 from the year before. Nonetheless, it was enough of us to have an amazing time together! I made sure to dress to the nines because my middle school years were probably the most difficult in my life thus far and I wanted to show people that I was here and I've grown and I'm ready to tackle anything that comes my way, as well as to show how far I've gone. It actually earned my compliments from the people I chatted with as "the most stylish person there!" Hooray!

It was a hot yet rainy evening so I sported this beloved silk red shirt with these new khaki skinnies (an inspired buy after hanging with a good friend on Thursday and really loving his khaki jeans) for a fun yet grown look. With this lovely cream clutch that was perfect for the occasion with the words "MARK. Make Yours" (though it kinda looks like MARX--makes me love it even more!) I made sure to do so by playing with the assortment of colors of the beautiful eye on it through my turquoise/gold three-tier necklace and coral lips (also a navy blue umbrella and my purple sunglasses not seen here). To "make my mark" with this outfit, I added a lovely fedora to pair up with these pointy black pumps with wooden heels and my glasses.

Sadly, the evening mist tampered with  my hair but que sera sera! I still kind of like the look!

So what do you guys think of this outfit? How would you go dressed to a reunion to "make your MARK?" What kind of look would you go for? Are you a reunion person or are you still very close to those you attended school with years ago? How were you all of last week--it's been so long?!

I'm off to go make my daddy's dinner--his final surprise of the night! Hope you all enjoy time with your father, regardless of when it may be or who you deem that figure in your life to be.

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

Friday, June 10, 2011

That "Je ne sais quoi"

Bonjour mes amis!

I am a lover of cultures and am always interested in learning about them as well as integrating some of their best aspects into my own life, whether that be literature, music, food, or, of course, fashion! One I've admired for years is the French (what fashionista hasn't?!) and a phrase we all have heard is je ne sais quoi. For those who may have not heard it, it literally translates to "I don't know what" but refers to "a certain something or mysterious allure" in regards to a person. Here in America I see the mainstream fashion focusing more on leaving no secrets and flaunting everything, whether or not it actually accentuates anything, but I've been finding myself more intrigued with the idea of style that adds something of a mysterious element to the figure. Thus, I embarked on my own journey to try and find my own je ne sais quoi:

It seems to be common knowledge in the fashion world that striped tees of the cream-and-navy variety are trés chic in France at all times. Though usually the cream is the thicker stripe with navy as the thinner stripes, I picked up this lovely crop top from Mystique Boutique and thought it carried the same appeal. I suppose it's the cute buttons that go down the arms, which is also a common sight to see on such tees that mimic the French fashion. I paired it with these distressed skinnies as they are the lightest ones I have. I thought to pair them with my favorite jeans but I figured they were too dark for this look since the navy is the strongest color of the set. I cuffed them as they fit me a little lengthy and it's become my favorite way to make sure my jeans fit lately. I paired this with these pointy lace-up navy flats for simplicity with a hint of edge. Accessories were kept to a minimum as I feel like to really channel that allure the focus must be on the individual and not what they have stacked on their wrists, fingers or neck, so I wore this gifted necklace (given to me by a friend during their trip to Guatemala) as the wooden pendant seemed to pair nicely with the sleeves' buttons and my new favorite purse, and of course, to keep my pants in place, a simple brown belt.

Again, as I feel that the allure is something you need to channel from within instead of what you pile upon yourself, makeup was kept at a minimum with just a swipe of pink upon the lips, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schumann of "Cupcakes and Cashmere," and her own take on the navy & pink combo. I let my hair do its own thing and kept it loose and breezy, though I've often seen topknots and high ponytails as a preferable option.

So what do you think of this look? Was I able to find my own je ne sais quoi by trying on the French style? Have you ever tried to achieve your own je ne sais quoi and were you successful? Do you like to reserve it for special occasions or think it's a fantastic accessory for everyday life? Are you able to channel it in your own way without considering French fashion at all? Do you have your own name for it? What's your favorite culture to admire?

À la prochaine fois!

Little Luna (or Petite Lune)

P.S. I got so caught up in my translations I forgot to add the French tunes I wanted to pass your way! So here you go guys! Enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Girl by Air

Love Don't Let Me Go by David Guetta vs. The Egg (Before he became mainstream and popular in the Hip Hop World)

Commando by Vanessa Paradis