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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Cheap Essentials for the Wardrobe

Hey there everyone!

So let's get this haul started, shall we?! Everyday this week I'll be putting up another part of the overall haul with a different segment for each day. Today I'll be showing the few things I've picked up at numerous inexpensive stores that provide good basics to rely on when stuck in a stylish rut.


Women's Cross-Front Jersey Dress--Color(s): Kelly Green (No longer available)--Bought at $6.99 (On Sale)--Now $14.99-15.99 (SALE!!)

Women's Tie-Belt Shorts--Color(s): Basewood Brown--Bought at about $12 (On Sale)--Now $11.99/15.99 (SALE!!)

Mystique Boutique:
Asymmetrical Striped Boat-Neck Tee with Button Sleeves--Color(s): Navy Blue/Oatmeal--Bought at $6.99 (On Sale)--Available In-Store only--Seen here

Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez Junior's Skinny Cargo Pants--Color(s): Beige--Bought at $9.99--Still $9.99--Seen here

Tenley Shopper (Minicci)--Color(s): Tan--Bought at $24.99--Still $24.99 (SALE!!)--Seen here and with Asymmetrical Striped Boat-Neck Tee with Button Sleeves

Isabel Toledo for Payless High Ghillie Sandal--Color(s): Patent Black/Yellow--Bought at $21 (Clearance)--No Longer Available (Except maybe in a few stores who still have it on clearance)
Admittedly, not an essential, but these shoes are a surprising little pair that looked awful in the box but when worn, they transform into something easy to wear and comfortable! Isabel Toledo knew what she was doing when she designed these. Expect to see these a lot over the Summer!

Polo with Colored Collar--Color(s): Heather Grey/Black--Gifted (Bought for about $4)--Available In-Store only (Check here for Store Locations)

Plaid Tunic with Flower Tattoo and Rhinestones--Color(s): Sky Blue/Blue/Green/Cream/Black--Gifted (Bought at $9.99)--Available In-Store Only (Check here for Store Locations)

This was also my outfit today as I'm going to Jury Duty this week, so I kept it simple and abiding their dress code (No Shorts, No Tanks, No See-Through Clothing). After I was dressed and on my way, I noticed I took an unsuspecting inspiration from Reggie Lass, a character on the show Dead Like Me and in the film Dead Like Me: Life After Death. I saw the film last night and as I got dressed today I didn't realize I unsuspectingly went to her look in it, which consisted of tunics paired with capris or leggings and sneakers. She always wore her hair loose, except when working (no one wants hair in their ice cream) and though she no longer wore glasses in the film, she did all throughout the series. Very simple and cute for a teenager.

Any items you like from Day 1 of the Haul? What's your faves and hates? What do you consider essentials for the wardrobe? Any items that don't appear essential at first sight but after giving them a try, you find them to be more versatile than expected? Have you seen Dead Like Me? If you haven't, I HIGHLY recommend it!! The film wasn't superb but the series is absolutely fantastic!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is lovely, and these summer essentials are great deals! I'm now following :) XOXO,