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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Simple Additions for an Awesome Summer

Hey everyone!

It's Day 2 of Haul Week! Today I'll be showing some purchases from Target and Marshalls that have already begun to play a big role in my Summer style, and I don't doubt that they'll continue to do so.

C9 by Champion "Breathe" Power Workout Tee--Color(s): Heather Grey/White--Bought at $3.24 (Clearance)--No longer available online (Check your local Target or check out these tees also by C9 by Champion)

Mossimo Supply Co. Straw Panama Hat (Modeled by my Build-a-Bear Benjamin Wright--He's turning 4 in August!)--Color(s): White/Black--Bought at $14.99--Currently out of stock online/Available In-Store

Mossimo Supply Co. Canvas Backpack--Color(s): Beige/Brown--Bought at $24.99--Backpack Not Available Online but Crossbody is/Available In Store

Mossimo Ultrasoft Pullover Sweater--Color(s): Olive--Bought at $4.48 (Clearance)--Now $17.99

Merona Petites Trenchette Jacket--Color(s):Navy--Bought at $14.98 (Clearance)--Now $13.98 (SALE!!)
**NOTE: This jacket is also available in regular sizes as well as plus sizes

White Mountain 'Seaside' Women's Boat Shoe--Color(s): Tan/Beige--Bought at $34.99--Now $29.99 on White Mountain's website (SALE!!)

iWave LX100 Stereo Earbuds--Color(s): Silver/Grey--Bought at $7.99--Available on Lockerz for $12.99
**NOTE: This is a part of iWave's Crystallized Collection, meaning that there are other colors and crystal designs available, if plain silver is not your cup o' tea. Also, the pink thing you see attached is the bobino Cord Wrap, which was gifted to my father by The Container Store but as he had one, he gave it to me. It's available in Small, Medium and Large at $2.99, $3.99, and $4.99, respectively.

With exception to the jacket and sweater, which I picked up A. they were on clearance and B. they are great once Autumn begins to settle in (NOTE: it's important to think ahead when you come across such things), all these items are so fit for Summer and exactly what I've been looking for! 

With the Target purchases: The hat gives me a break from my usual fedora-and-cap rotations and its straw-like make screams Summertime. The backpack was something I fell for immediately when I locked eyes with it and is beyond perfection for my life: Useful for Summer trips to the Beach or Park or anywhere you can think of; Can carry numerous books for a bibliophile like myself (currently carrying Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and Dune by Frank Herbert); The previous point gives it the perk of being perfect for school as well as its total of NINE pockets (that's including the open pockets on the inside for small things you need readily accessible); Its laidback vintage look makes it easy to transition with many things in my wardrobe. Am I convincing you yet? If not, that's ok. I don't necessarily want to make you go out and get it, but merely pointing out what a great choice it would be to have if you find yourself needing to carry a load every once in a while. The "Breathe" tee was something my mom found and I thought it had a cute design and would be perfect for any occasions I need to work out (something my lazy self has been postponing) as well as something cute to wear when just relaxing at home.

With the Marshalls purchases: Boat shoes have blown up with the heavy focus on the nautical trend this season. I first saw these in YouTuber and fashion blogger Dulce Candy's Haul and thought that they looked comfortable as well as versatile, though I didn't think I was going to get them. Lo and behold, as I continued my search for the perfect wedges in Marshalls (a continuous failure due to my list of requirements), I came across these shoes as well as a platinum version but decided to go with the tan ones. I've been wearing these puppies constantly and for someone who struggles wearing flat shoes, these are so ideal for my feet! I especially like to pair it up with the backpack, hat, and skinny cargos I showed yesterday, though not all at once, less I want to look like a lost safari travel guide who should be in Australia instead of New York City. As for the headphones, I'm also a musicophile that has the miserable luck of destroying or losing headphones at a ridiculous rate. I intended on including these to the gifts for my dad on Father's Day but crystallized anything isn't really his style and though it claimed to be for men (the length kind of abides by that) I got them for myself and finally got to use my cute little bobino to add an extra touch to fantastic set of earbuds, which work fantastically might I say! Besides, what's Summer without excellent tunes to dance to?!

What do you think of today's haul items? What are some of your summer essentials? Are you hunting for anything you feel should be included like I am for these wedges? What constitutes an awesome Summer for you? What do you have planned to make this Summer awesome? If it's Winter where you are now, how did you make last Summer a really fun one?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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