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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Building Up My Beauty

Hey everyone!

*NOTE: Before you get started reading this post, a little info on why this is being posted today and not last week: Blogger had some issues while I was writing this up, which I noticed when it said that it was encountering problems saving it and my Internet connection was still okay (that's usually the only reason I ever have that problem). Turned out that for quite a few users, the site had gone down, me included. By the time it came up and I knew, it was already headed into the following day (Thursday) and I saw that most of what I had written was gone. I have this issue that when I write something up and something happens that causes most, if not all, of that work to be erased, I become too frustrated to work right away. Thus, I stepped away for a while and began the following day (Friday) but, if you follow me on Twitter (I've been a good girl and have been using it--link on the side to it), you know that I've been extending that break due to the Dance.Here.Now. Festival throughout the weekend. But wait, the weekend was over a while ago!? Yes, it has, and I then started working on renovations for my room (a grueling task that I'll be dealing with for at least the rest of July) but I've finally sat myself down to take the time and keep this going. So I hope you all don't mind playing pretend with me and imagining that we're still on track to finish up Haul Week! Care to join me?! READ ON!! :)

It's Day 3 of Haul Week! Hope you've been enjoying it thus far! Today the focus will be on a few beauty products I've picked up. There isn't much as I've mentioned a few times before, beauty and makeup have to be my Achilles heel when it comes to putting my look together. This is partly due to the many years as a tomboy paired with the fact that I have anything but a steady hand, which makes applying eye makeup as well as nail polish quite the challenge. Regardless, I do try and continue to hope practice makes perfect or at least allows me to improve well enough to not have to repeat the same step five or ten times before getting it right. Moving on from my idiosyncrasies, I haven't really loaded up when it comes to makeup for the Summer because I want to keep it easy A. because of my issues (so much for moving on!) and B. because it's best to go light with your makeup in the Summertime, right? I'm sure I'll be adding more to this collection, but here's what I have going on for now:


These lengthy lashes were brought to you by:

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara--Color(s): Black--Bought at $7.99 in Kmart--Available in Drugstores, Beauty Supply Stores and Various Online Retailers

Volumizing Brush

Lengthening Brush (Used for lashes as seen above)


Zoe & Zac Naturals Pink Moon Mineral Powder--Color(s): Appears in Pink, Lavender, Plum, and Coral/Applies in Deep Pink--Bought at $3.00 in Payless (Clearance!)--Limited Availability In Store/Available Online for $7.99 (Check your local Payless to see if they have it!!)


CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Color in Rapture**--Color(s): Coral--Bought at $7.49 at Kmart--Available in Drugstores, Beauty Supply Stores and Various Online Retailers

Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat--Color(s): Clear--Bought at $7.99 in Duane Reade--Available in Drugstores, Beauty Supply Stores and Various Online Retailers

Zoe & Zac Naturals Apples & Pears Hand Sanitizer--Color(s): Green--Bought at $2.99 at Payless--Available In Store and Online for $2.99

So far I've added these to my makeup collection. I sadly lost my Falsies mascara by Maybelline, which, though it was my first mascara ever, I was in love with it. I really like Rimmel London, though, and originally intended to get their Lash Accelerator Mascara but I saw this one and loved the fact that it has the options of volume or length or both! I'll tell you guys my complete thoughts on the mascara in a separate post though. I was worried the mineral powder would be a little too much for my skin tone but I find that it suits it really well and is super pretty! Besides, how could I resist a product called "Pink Moon?" I have wanted to try the Lip Perfection Lip Color the moment I heard how moisturizing they were, and so happy I did! I loved this shade and the lasting power is pretty great and moisturize it does. 'Tis a snazzy little product I plan on multiplying my possibilities with. The Ultimate Shield was more of a necessity as my previous top/base coat ran out and I prefer two-in-one products a lot when they are good at what they do, even if this does a decent job. Lastly, the Hand Sanitizer was also a bit of a necessity as I like to be able to have it on hand in case there is no soap in a public bathroom or a lot of time outdoors starts to make my paws feel a little icky. The fact that it has the beautiful scent of apples and pears drives me wild though!

Let's talk Beauty for once y'all, and this is very applicable to guys and gals in this day and age! Any haul items you really liked from today? Have you added anything to your beauty collection that is so perfect for Summer, or better yet, simply perfect for any and all times of the year? How much do you focus on your beauty routine daily? What level do you find yourself falling into and why: Beauty>Fashion, Fashion>Beauty, or Fashion=Beauty? Anything you think I ought to try (recommendations are DEFINITELY a good thing here)?

Hasta Luego! Also, thank you for your patience and stay tuned as we continue with Haul Week! It's almost coming to a close! :)

Little Luna

**P.S. I sadly lost my Rapture Lippy while at the Dance.Here.Now. Festival to the sand. BUT, as I said, I really loved the product so I plan on getting it once again soon and perhaps have it come home with a friend! Hopefully, you'll see me rocking it once again very soon.

Also, if you still are confused as to what the Dance.Here.Now. Festival is all about, here's some video for you to enjoy (You may want to put the volume way low as there will be massive amounts of bass booming the moment you click--also LOTS of light flashing will be in the videos). I'll be elaborating more on it in a future post:

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