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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Some Notes on the Upcoming Week

Hi everyone!

To those who are celebrating today, I wish you a Happy Easter! I personally don't celebrate it but I know it matters to many so I hope that it is a joyous occasion to you all. :)

On a not-as-happy note, after serious consideration, I'm going to have to take a break from this blog on top of the other. This week is a very work-filled one for me and though I know there are things I want to post for both, I've decided it's better I delay those posts till after everything is taken care of so I can dedicate proper time to it and not just rush through it. My hopes are to have the next post(s) up sometime on Friday or if not, during the weekend. If you could wish me some luck, I'd appreciate it so much. I'm trying to suppress all the stress so much right now!

If this break goes for longer than I have mentioned, I will make note of it and let you know immediately. For anyone interested in more immediate updates, I'll try to keep up more consistently on my Twitter since I'm forced to keep it short and sweet.

Lastly, I just want to thank you all for bringing this blog to over 1,000 views! The viewership here has increased rapidly, perhaps since I've been providing more to check out does help, but you all have continued interest and that's what truly lends to it. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! I ask that if you do consistently read up on here and know about my posts via my personal Facebook that you subscribe on here and become a follower to keep getting updates as I may be deleting that in the upcoming months. And for all those who simply pass by here, though you may not see this, thanks for coming for a moment and hope you enjoyed it though it may not have been what you were looking for. For those who keep coming back, I'm glad to know there are people who are interested out there and I hope I can continue to provide you with some good posts! :)

Now, I must be getting to that work so I hope you all enjoy your week and hope to see you all soon!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Your Mother Earth Some Love: Tips on Being More Eco-Friendly!

Hi everyone!

So as I said in my previous post, it's Earth Day! I love when it comes around because it gives people a day to remember that we need to appreciate our home, because more often than not, the other days of the year are spent hurting it in numerous ways. Many people aren't even aware that April is actually Earth Month! It's kind of a sad thing to see but doesn't change it from being the truth.

Anyway, I figured since we are taking a look at these things today, I would like to share some tips on how to integrate it into your everyday life! I have been such an Earthie since I was a little kid and sadly lost touch with it a few years ago but I've been pushing more and more lately because it really is such an important thing we ought to care for more. I used to even get called "Hippie" or "Flower Child" by friends! Not so much anymore, but those were nicknames I was proud to have so I'd like to earn them once more. Perhaps you all may not strive for such but you definitely should strive to do a little more for our Mother Earth whenever you can. Now, I'll stop with my lecture and jump into the purpose of the post:

Shopping and Clothing/Accessories

  • The easiest way to help out is instead of opting for paper or plastic, go for reusable! You can find so many at any store that suit your personality so you can carry your purchases in a cute bag you can use time and time again. Also, if it breaks, you can recycle it!
  • Eco-friendly clothing can be quite expensive though they are becoming easier to find. More and more department stores try to carry at least one eco-chic line. Before a lot of organic clothing used to be very bland but now you can find dozens of great pieces for your wardrobe that will help the environment! Ex: Bibico for Modcloth (they also carry a few other brands that have a few pieces); Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters; Conscious Collection at H&M.
  • Accessories are easiest pieces you can integrate with out spending oodles for it. Just search online at different stores of your choosing to find green accessories from jewelry to headgear to even shoes! Etsy has grown rapidly in the past few years in popularity and features numerous options, not solely accessories, that are not just from recycled materials but also help to increase Fair Trade.
  • If you can't afford new, go vintage! Go to thrift stores, vintage stores, and flea markets for older items and give them second life. This way, instead of many synthetic fibers causing problems in piles by not decomposing, they continue to be worn again and again. Feel free to do the same with your own clothing by donating them to such places or to any place you know they could be put to good use.
  • I suggest visiting this post by blogger Giorgia a.k.a. Beautiful with Brains, who dedicates her blog to the topic of beauty and gave some really excellent tips in this aspect. Also, seeing as I don't do much in regards to beauty, I do suggest subscribing to her. I've been following her blog for a while and she does a great job!
  • Adding on to her list, you also have the option of using products free of animal testing. Whether you support their actions or not, PETA offers 3 excellent lists: Companies that don't test, Cruelty-Free Companies by Product Type, and Companies that do test. They also provide information explaining why a company is on a certain list so you can determine for yourself how that is so.
  • When it comes to your cosmetics, try opting for products that you can use in more than one way. A nice pink lipstick can double up as blush. Instead of using solely eye primer, get a face primer. There are also products that carry the intent of being used in more than one way but feel free to get creative! Just be sure you abide by what compliments your skin tone best.
  • In regards to skincare, you don't always need to buy what you think you need. You can make a scrub, moisturizer, cleanser, anti-wrinkle cream, under-eye cream, and so much more simply with ingredients you can find within your house or obtain with a trip to the supermarket or grocery store for much cheaper. A few sites to get you in the right direction are Skin Care at Home and Beauty Tips Online. YouTube videos can also provide some excellent insight.
  • WATER!!! Self-explanatory.
  • As some of those sites will explain, diet does affect your looks so check out healthy options that suit your tastes. Altering to a healthier diet won't work on its own so be sure to balance with exercise as well.
  • If you'd rather buy products, look for mineral, organic, or vegan options. Sephora provides many options to choose from.
  • As many of the links will say, sleep also matters! Do your best to rest and you'll look your best!
More Online Sources
There are quite a few bloggers who dedicate themselves to developing a greener lifestyle. With green having its moment in fashion for the past couple of years now, it's definitely a huge hit in the blogosphere as well as all over the Internet! Here are a few worth checking out:
Of course there are so many ways outside of fashion and beauty to go green, which is why I added the additional sites because a lot of them cover EVERYTHING! So do check them out and try them out in your own life. It isn't that hard and so worth it.

Are there any things that you already do to help the planet? Anything you want to start trying? Any tips you'd like to share?

Hasta Luego and Enjoy the Rest of your Earth Day/Month!

Little Luna

Carried Away by the Breeze

Hey everyone!

Earth Day is here but I won't be getting gussied up for it as I have a long weekend from school but it'll be spent doing loads of work. Regardless, I took the beauty of the day on Thursday to wear a nature inspired look again but toughened up a little more than I have on previous occasions.

**Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21; Shirt: Kmart- Route 66 (for Boys); Denim Jacket: Baby Guess (from when I was little); Boots: Forever 21; Belt: Vintage; Tube Socks and Flower Hair-Tie: Pay Half; Backpack: Thrift; Sunglasses: Target-Xhilaration; Lipstick: Milani in Tiki-Tiki-Pink

Of course I'd use the color green for this! That having been my main color, I kept the rest of the choices neutral with black and white and a little brown in the flower, with exception to my light denim jacket as well as some pink lips. This dress I wore before, oddly enough, in a similar way in the sense that I contrasted its girly appearance with some tough accessories, one of them having been these very boots. This time around I used it as a skirt but it didn't feel like it was too tough of an outfit so much as one that I could go skip in a field and get a little dirty in. Seeing as I don't have any available though, I took an approximately 7 mile walk home instead and took pictures on the way! I'll be posting them on my other blog for y'all to see.

What do you think of this one guys? How will you be celebrating your Earth Day? What's your favorite thing about the planet we live on? Want to come skip in a field of flowers with me (lol)?

Hasta Luego Flower Children!

Little Luna

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Showers Make Me Wear Leopard & Flowers

Hi y'all!

The rains ensue in the City with cloudy skies almost daily with rare peaks of sunshine every now and again but accompanied with chilly winds. Though it is definitely Spring, it isn't what many were hoping for, myself included. Regardless, I'm happy it's here because instead of cold snow we have lovely rain pouring down to help give life once more to the trees and plants and flowers. I hope to take my camera to school soon to snap a few shots during my commute and on campus of the blooming flowers and plants because it is what makes Spring such a beautiful season. Also it is the birthing season for all the animals! I'm also hoping I can go to the Bronx Zoo to see the little babies there. Here is what I wore Tuesday with inspiration deriving from :

I've worn this top before for the night of my birthday but for daytime, I toned it down by keeping everything else low key. I traded in the leggings for skinny jeans, the leather jacket for a cozy military-inspired sweater, the red pumps for blue Victorian-inspired boots (which actually have a leopard print interior!), the large statement accessories for smaller statement ones (I have 4 rings on as well as my usual watch and the Victorian-inspired necklace), the bold make-up for a clean face with exception for some bright pink lips, and instead of pinning my hair to one side, I kept it tousled and all over the place. 

Even though I gave a pretty in-depth explanation of transitioning a piece from night to day, it's really simple once you stand in front of your closet and see what you have going on. I'm sure once you make your pick, you can see it's easy-peasy to work around it and make it good for anytime of the day.

What do you think of this outfit? Does it work for the daytime or should the top be restricted to nighttime use only? How do you transition your pieces between day and night? Is there a certain item you like because of how versatile it is when it comes to time of day? How about this weather?! Is Spring popping up where you live? What do you like most about it? Least? Sound off below!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

P.S. In regards to my second blog, I haven't posted in a while but that is because I want to dedicate it to more thought-out posts regarding practically anything I find important to note but have been so swamped at school that I never feel I can fulfill that, at least right now. It's rounding off to the end of the semester and all my major work is due so it will be a little while longer before I do get back to it but I hope to return to it soon as there has been much I've wanted to share with you guys about the numerous events that have been happening. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Victorian Victory

Hey everyone!

I found it a bit ironic that today I finally wore my Victorian-inspired blouse when in my Ethics class we discussed briefly this very same era. More specifically, we talked about the sexual repression of the time and how regulated it was; a stark contrast to today's views on sex, only 100 years later! In many ways, the dress of the times represented this, primarily with women, as their role was to be that of the chaste woman till marriage and then only serve to please their husband (in regards to their sexual experience together), with disregard to her own satisfaction. When in public or within the eyes of other men and women, she was to be clothed so much that she should not be able to reveal herself as a sexual being in anyway but retaining the elaborate elegance and femininity often seen. Here's a few examples of the attire of the era:

As the first picture explains, the fashion of the Victorian era changed, as fashion always does, over time. What began as clothing that did not really enhance the female form besides the empire silhouette at the beginning of the century soon transformed into something that enhanced the female shape while retaining a modest appearance. Here we see the entrance of the hourglass shape make its entrance into fashion with corsets paired with big voluminous skirts. Also sleeves were a big deal then, as the puffy-sleeved or Juliette look remained from the previous decade's trend but transformed into the fitted sleeve for a time until the bell sleeve came towards the end of the century, as well as a variation of it called the Pagoda sleeve.

Now the question arises: why would anyone want to reintegrate this into our current fashion and style knowing the connotation it bears and the purpose behind it? As I said fashion always changes over time. Though this is not a trend in the industry right now, this is a take on a modernized version of the Victorian attire:

*Blouse: Revolution Boutique; Belt: Forever 21; Skirt and Necklace: Flea Market Finds; Shoes: Payless ShoeSource

Victorian Elements: Bell sleeve, hourglass shape, elaborate lace design of sleeves, squared neckline, heels (not that they are Victorian heels but heels were a MUST in that time), pulled-up hair

Modern-day Elements: Short skirt revealing bare legs, red patent pumps, plaid skirt design, studded waist belt, see through sleeves (Victorian lace usually carried another material underneath so it wouldn't be sheer), beaded necklace, cat-eye makeup.

(A close-up of the makeup)

As you can see, this does carry Victorian inspiration but is very set in today's era and is not a sexually-inhibited outfit but one that emphasizes beauty, independence, sensuality, and individuality. Take that Victorian era morale!

What do you think of this outfit? Did you know about the fashion of the Victorian Era? How do you feel about it? Do you think it could ever make a modern-day comeback in fashion today? Would you rock a piece that reflected the time period but in a more contemporary way?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

**Photo Sources:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Chill

Hello everyone!

We're into yet another week, a work-filled one on my end, but it was almost a minimal worry to me with the beautiful weather today! I say, about damn time we got some true blue Spring going on around here! Even though the title is "Spring Chill," temperature in the 70s, sun was shining, but I kept a casual vibe for the day while enjoying it plenty:

A nice coral tank paired with these jeans that once belonged to my brother turned into high-waisted cuffed capris and laced-up flats give this look a very relaxed feel. I added the blazer to match the shoes as well as the sunglasses by cuffing the sleeves to show the purple lining as well as to give the look a little structure. Accessories and makeup were kept to a minimal with solely my always-on-my-wrist DKNY watch (if you ever wondered what it was I always had on) and my pearl necklace (again to add structure and glamour) as well as the very necessary sunglasses and a swipe of gloss on the lips. Hair was kept looking natural (my favorite look).

All-in-all, simple yet fab if you ask me! But I ask you all: What do you think? Did you get to enjoy a lovely start to the week and how? What's your typical casual look for Spring?

Also, while taking these photos, I took the following really funny picture, though that was not the intention. Regardless, I thought you'd get a good laugh out of it so here it is:

Do you like moustache and beard? I almost look like a genuine man with awesome long hair and facial hair to match. I don't know how much of a good thing that is but point is you giggled, am I right?! Moral of the story: Expect the unexpected, ALWAYS! :D

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peaches and Cream with Golden Sprinkles!

Hello to all!

I've been talking about this all week so I'm sure you know what this post is about, and if you don't, I'll let you know! Today was finally the day: My college's Spring Fashion Show!! It was so exciting! So many people showed up looking lovely; the runway looked fantastic; the D.J. made it hard to not groove at every moment; it was all kinds of spectacular! Once the pictures from the actual show are up on the website I'll post it here for you all to see it. The designs were excellent. We had pieces from F.I.T. students as well as Whitney Eve, Betsey Johnson, Ann Taylor, David's Bridal and quite a few more! I can't wait to share with you guys the show itself.

The theme of the show was "En Vogue," reminiscent of the legendary Vogue magazine. With this in mind, I went for a Springtime look that still carried an air of glamour with it. Cue Madonna's "Vogue" and without further ado, here is my look:


I've had this dress for such a long time and never found the right time to really wear it. So it has been in my closet for years with me unable to get rid of it because I was too in love with the colors and the flowiness to it to let it go. Today, though, became the ideal opportunity for it, especially because I wanted to match it with the shoes which I got a few weeks ago at Marshalls and I have been dying to wear them.

Today was also the ideal opportunity to put these lovely Madden Girl heels on display for the first time on my tootsies. They were pretty comfortable for the first time being worn out. I managed the entire evening without much issue except for some minor exhaustion so they were a great buy in my opinion. Also, they felt great to walk in, which is also a plus!

With accessories, gold felt like the perfect match. I kept it down to this belt-turned-ring & bracelet and this little clutch, both of which are bold in their own ways and allow for simple additions in regards to jewelry, which keeps the look as a whole fresh and simple.

Lastly there was the makeup and hair. Since there was a lack of jewelry and accessories, I let my makeup be just as bold as the bracelet/ring and clutch by having my eyes be a bit of a smokey gold. I went even further with the lips by having the bottom one orange and the top pink. I never hopped into that trend before but today was a day of firsts so I figured why not? I really like how the two look together since neither is too overbearing so I would definitely like to play around with it some more.

Hair resulted in a high bun with my orange roses headband wrapped around it. Simple and playful, I think it added a fun touch to the outfit.

So there you have it! A breakdown of what I pulled together for today's show. Not intending to sound conceited, but I didn't realize I had done such a great job until I got to the show and had people asking if I was going to model and complimenting me and so forth. Really felt fantastic! It made me want to jump on the run way and just work it out (which I kind of did for the final walk so mission accomplished).

Hope you enjoyed this and keep an eye out for a post related to the actual show.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna