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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peaches and Cream with Golden Sprinkles!

Hello to all!

I've been talking about this all week so I'm sure you know what this post is about, and if you don't, I'll let you know! Today was finally the day: My college's Spring Fashion Show!! It was so exciting! So many people showed up looking lovely; the runway looked fantastic; the D.J. made it hard to not groove at every moment; it was all kinds of spectacular! Once the pictures from the actual show are up on the website I'll post it here for you all to see it. The designs were excellent. We had pieces from F.I.T. students as well as Whitney Eve, Betsey Johnson, Ann Taylor, David's Bridal and quite a few more! I can't wait to share with you guys the show itself.

The theme of the show was "En Vogue," reminiscent of the legendary Vogue magazine. With this in mind, I went for a Springtime look that still carried an air of glamour with it. Cue Madonna's "Vogue" and without further ado, here is my look:


I've had this dress for such a long time and never found the right time to really wear it. So it has been in my closet for years with me unable to get rid of it because I was too in love with the colors and the flowiness to it to let it go. Today, though, became the ideal opportunity for it, especially because I wanted to match it with the shoes which I got a few weeks ago at Marshalls and I have been dying to wear them.

Today was also the ideal opportunity to put these lovely Madden Girl heels on display for the first time on my tootsies. They were pretty comfortable for the first time being worn out. I managed the entire evening without much issue except for some minor exhaustion so they were a great buy in my opinion. Also, they felt great to walk in, which is also a plus!

With accessories, gold felt like the perfect match. I kept it down to this belt-turned-ring & bracelet and this little clutch, both of which are bold in their own ways and allow for simple additions in regards to jewelry, which keeps the look as a whole fresh and simple.

Lastly there was the makeup and hair. Since there was a lack of jewelry and accessories, I let my makeup be just as bold as the bracelet/ring and clutch by having my eyes be a bit of a smokey gold. I went even further with the lips by having the bottom one orange and the top pink. I never hopped into that trend before but today was a day of firsts so I figured why not? I really like how the two look together since neither is too overbearing so I would definitely like to play around with it some more.

Hair resulted in a high bun with my orange roses headband wrapped around it. Simple and playful, I think it added a fun touch to the outfit.

So there you have it! A breakdown of what I pulled together for today's show. Not intending to sound conceited, but I didn't realize I had done such a great job until I got to the show and had people asking if I was going to model and complimenting me and so forth. Really felt fantastic! It made me want to jump on the run way and just work it out (which I kind of did for the final walk so mission accomplished).

Hope you enjoyed this and keep an eye out for a post related to the actual show.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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