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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzz Welcomes Back Winter!

I'm a little late on the faux fur trend (or maybe way way late!) but due to Winter still not being over, I still made it right on time. I figured I'd try on this faux fur vest I got at Mystique Boutique last week and give my attempt to the trend. If you read my previous post, did you get the hint? I was alluding to the infamous "Boots with the fur" line. So here it is:


**Faux Fur Vest: Mystique Boutique; Henley: Forever 21; Skinny Pants: Kmart (Piper & Blue); Boots: Cutesy Girl (Soda)

 What do you all think? Simple yes but can you dig it? I was at first opposed to the trend A. Because I'm not too crazy about fur in the first place and B. I'm the type of girl who dislikes a trend when it first comes but later on finds ways to make it work and ease my way into it, such as this one. (I've had the boots for a while and if you recall a few posts ago, I did wear a faux fur hat). I've seen other ladies who do complete fur coats and the like; I know I'll definitely not get to that point, though they can make it look fab, but when a trend doesn't call out to me so strongly, I work it in small versatile pieces.

Anyway, I went for a dark look once again to keep it simple and chic. My color pop came in the lips where I mixed a plum lip liner with pink lipstick and got this really cute subdued fuchsia color, which I think I'll be wearing a little more often for a little something different. I kept my hair out to have a wild style to keep it fun. All in all, I'm quite content with the look.

How do you guys feel about my outfit? What's your opinion on the faux fur trend? Do you care whether it's real or fake? Do you care at all for it? Let me know!

And here is just a funny picture I figured I'd take because my cat ears from an old Halloween costume were there and I love to be a kitty from time to time!

Hasta Luego Loves!

Little Luna

P.S. I forgot to mention the blogger that I was introduced to Fashiolista through so here is a link to her blog! Hope you guys enjoy her as much as I do!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well wherever you may be (I'm out and about dealing with more snow! Pour Quoi?!)! I just wanted to notify you all on a few things.

1. My new email has been set up so anything related to the blog such as comments, questions, content you'd like to see, your own pics you'd like to put up (frankly, I'd like to see more than just myself all the time and I'm sure you all would too), or any other things that come to mind, feel free to type away and hit send! You can now reach me at

2. My Twitter account has also been set up! Now I won't make any promises because I really haven't been able to do the whole Twitter thing ever so we'll see how this works out. Regardless if you want to stalk...I mean, follow me, you can do so at @Little_Luna1.

3. I was reading the blog of another amazing woman whose blog I'll link for you all to enjoy as well and she had mentioned a lovely site called Fashiolista. Well, I hopped on immediately! I urge you all to take a look and if you are digging it, totally join in! I haven't done much as of yet but I'm sure by tomorrow that'll be a different story. You can find me on there as Little_Luna (getting tired of the repetition? lol).

4. I had a Facebook page but that wasn't working out too well so I nyxed it, so no more of that if you were to look at a previous post of mine where I mentioned it.

And that's all for now! I need to skidaddle on to class like a good student and I may show you all how I went about this return of the snow later (hint: Think Flo Rida's song "Get Low").

Hasta Luego Loves!

Little Luna

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Played in Plaid

Hey everyone!

So I decided to do a quick update of my outfit on Wednesday, as that Spring weather came once more and I dressed for the occasion (though a hint of winter was still about, so I couldn't get to into it).



I must say, I love this dress so much. I'm not too crazy about short dresses like this usually, as they can be a bit of a hassle when walking up and down stairs at times, but this one is just too lovely for me to have passed up. Usually I would go for a more edgy look when wearing it but today I decided to use its feminine silhouette  and work that to the max. I still had to keep myself somewhat covered though so a turtleneck and tights were definitely key. Keeping everything other than the dress neutral was very important to maintaining a balance to it all; that is, except for some fun pink lips!

So what do you all opine? Dig it or no? How do you like your plaid (shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, etc.)? What is your fave and most verstaile print? How's the weather (totally serious question!)?

Hasta luego Loves!

Little Luna

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I Like you. You're Different."

Such is the phrase written on my t-shirt on Tuesday, and I find it to be a lovely one!

I realized in my last two posts I said nothing about my hair, even though the second was styled as I normally have it, which doesn't consist of much styling at all! But I know that hair is a part of putting the look together and today I figured I would make it the key feature. So I went the very trendy and adorable top knot and played around with it to get the following:


**Shirt and Flower pin: Forever 21; Blazer (Route 66), Skinny pants (Piper & Blue), and ankle boots (Glo): Kmart; Necklace: Cinderella Club. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "Pearly Pink"; Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner in "Starry Night Blue."

I felt like a bowl of fun that day! As you can see my hair still remianed pretty messy (it's pretty hard to tame overall), but the mess plays well with it as I wasn't going for a terribly constructed topknot. I flipped my bangs to the opposite side and pinned it with the lovely black Flower pin you see. Simple enough for a simple gal like me!

As for the outfit, I always love to pair my blazers with a fun graphic tee and I hadn't worn this one in a while so I decided to pull it out for old time's sake on top of the fact it was perfect in its heather grey way, as compared to my black or navy or striped ones. Since I had the cute little flower pin, I trid to toughen up the look a bit with this insane chains-upon-chains necklace. From there I kept things pretty dark below the belt with black skinny pants and black booties that have a bit of a military vibe to me to create a balance of feminine and masculine.

Makeup was kept light but fun with nude pink lips paired with blue, yes blue (!), eyeliner. When I saw it in the catalogue, I fell in love and craved it and have been using it pretty frequently (in my so-called frequent use of eyeliner that is). Since I had the blue shirt as well as the overall dark look, why not add a nice dark blue to the eyes that isn't overwhelming? Just to keep it light though, I did use my Natural Eyes Pallette and used "Heaven" (a very light eye-brightening shade).

I enjoyed this fun, relaxed look. Definitely easy enough for the every-day or fun-for-the-weekend. What do you think? Would you rock a similar look in any case? What's your signatures for your daily appearance? Do you have any? Are you trying to establish one (like me and blazers; still working on my collection there!)? How do you gals and guys feel about the topknot style?
Hasta Luego!

Love Little Luna

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Spring coming early this year?!

Hey Loves,

The answer to that question is not in this city! But we were lucky enough to have two delightful days of close to spring time weather and you can be sure I took advantage! On Monday (as it is Tuesday at dawn already), I decided to pull out a dress to enjoy the day but still had to keep somewhat warm so I managed to come up with the following:


For this look, I shopped my closet for something fun yet somewhat dealing with the trends of now. I started with the faux leopard hat, as I had come across it the other day and really had an urge to do something with it.
So it led me to my brown sheer tights, which I adore so very much! I think they lend a real oomph to any outfit so I made sure that they were visible. From the tights I went on to look for a dress, which was a bit difficult as I'm still in the process of getting a decent variety in my wardrobe but I figured this purple tank dress would suit perfectly with its simplicity as well as with its lovely color, which lends something wonderful to the outfit. The dress, though, fits very loosely so I knew I had to cinch it up and this brown faux leather belt proved perfect for the occasion as it brings the brown on the hat along with the brown tights together to create cohesiveness. From here I needed to find shoes but I felt if I threw on anything brown it would just be too much so enter these black over-the-knee heels (they remind me a little of pirate boots, lol). As much as I would love to say this was it, it's still winter time and I know I'd be a bit chilly so I threw on this little sweater because it was neutral, cozy, and didn't clash with the outfit. Also, I think it brightens it up as compared to had I gotten a black sweater. Lastly I thought that with my big brown fringe hobo, I could give this look a nice laidback look (if only the process to getting here were the same!).

Makeup was, again, very simple. I have a faux Two-Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette (you guys should get the real one though, such a wonderful investment, I just have this one as it was free--but it works very well!) and I didn't want to overdue it as I think the outfit did plenty on its own and, again, this is somewhat of a more laidback outfit, so I kept it light and dusted on "Cocoa Puff" closely but thickly to the lash line, just so it was noticeable but not overwhelming.

PHEW! So much explanation for the basic task of dressing oneself right? Ha! If you agree, we'll have to rework that thinking! Surely this is simply getting dressed but the moment I stepped out the door, I felt prepared for the day. This is how it should be everyday, not just for me, but for every single reader, every single person you know. Sadly, not everyone in this world lives like this, but those of us who can should learn to embrace it and once we do, we can help to teach others how to do so as well.

My favorite motto, especially since getting my braces, is "My best accessory: My smile. Always in style." I ask that you all consider this as you get ready to tackle your days, every day. :)

With Love,

Little Luna

National Wear Red Day 2011

Hey Loves!

Hope you all have been well during my continuous hiatus. I will be honest and say I've been struggling with keeping up with this blog, even though I spend many of my days dreaming up of potential posts and what not. Regardless, it is work to manage it and when one is trying to manage their life in general, it gets tough. It's been a shame I've been neglecting this but I'm really hoping that now that school has started up and I've settled in, I can really get some work done. I have so many breaks in the day now that I'm sure I'll be capable of having at least one or 2 posts in the week for you all to enjoy. So let's get to it shall we?

Friday, February 4th, 2011 was "National Wear Red Day." But wait, wasn't that the case already for "World AIDS Day?" Yes, but red is also the color to signify Women's Heart Health and this day is dedicated to promoting awareness of it, as heart failure is the number one killer of women in the nation! There is plenty we can do to try and help the cause, which is why, even though the day has passed, I still bring it to your attention because it is something worth noting and doing something about.

Hopefully, you all wore some red on this day! You know I did! But then again, I'll wear red practically any and every day. Giving me a wonderful reason to do so only makes me that much more excited! Sadly, the weather here in The City has been anything but lovely, except for the past few days as I'll show you in another post soon, so I couldn't don my beloved red heels but I made up for it by trying to mix comfort and cuteness. I personally love the look and want to definitely try it more often. What do you all opine?

**Everything from Forever 21 except purse and booties (K-mart). Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in "Very Cherry"

A little rouge on the lips, a lovely polka dot tank, and a luscious red purse covered my red attire while keeping it warm (obviously while outside more layers were thrown on but they're usually the same old so I don't bother to show them, unless you guys wanted to see what that looks like). Instead of going for the usual black and red, I decided to switch it up a bit and got with grey, which was definitely a big neutral trend this season. I really love the layering of the tank with the henley and thought it was a cute idea to have it peek out beneath it. It gives it a lovely pop so it isn't such a drab yet cozy little outfit. Makeup wise, the beauty of the ideal red lipstick is that's all you need to keep things looking splendid. For a girl like me who is constantly running somewhere (most likely late) it's quick and simple yet gives your face some serious elegance.

How do you all feel about this outfit? Love or not feeling it? What would you do different? Did you wear any red on this day? Do you plan on doing anything else to try and help the cause?

Just a reminder: Though we have these lovely days to dress for a cause, once that day is over, it doesn't mean you should stop being proactive in your support. For anyone interested in this specific cause, I advise you to look into Go Red for Women, which is the biggest group in the country for Women's Heart Health Awareness and Support.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and definitely expect more frequent posts on my behalf!

With Love,

Little Luna

P.S. Would you guys be interested in me setting up a twitter account to follow me on my misadventures? I'm not really into it but if you guys are, I'm willing to oblige, as the facebook page has created some issues for me. Also, I'll probably be setting up an email for you all to contact me with questions, comments, etc. I'll let you know when that's up.