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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Spring coming early this year?!

Hey Loves,

The answer to that question is not in this city! But we were lucky enough to have two delightful days of close to spring time weather and you can be sure I took advantage! On Monday (as it is Tuesday at dawn already), I decided to pull out a dress to enjoy the day but still had to keep somewhat warm so I managed to come up with the following:


For this look, I shopped my closet for something fun yet somewhat dealing with the trends of now. I started with the faux leopard hat, as I had come across it the other day and really had an urge to do something with it.
So it led me to my brown sheer tights, which I adore so very much! I think they lend a real oomph to any outfit so I made sure that they were visible. From the tights I went on to look for a dress, which was a bit difficult as I'm still in the process of getting a decent variety in my wardrobe but I figured this purple tank dress would suit perfectly with its simplicity as well as with its lovely color, which lends something wonderful to the outfit. The dress, though, fits very loosely so I knew I had to cinch it up and this brown faux leather belt proved perfect for the occasion as it brings the brown on the hat along with the brown tights together to create cohesiveness. From here I needed to find shoes but I felt if I threw on anything brown it would just be too much so enter these black over-the-knee heels (they remind me a little of pirate boots, lol). As much as I would love to say this was it, it's still winter time and I know I'd be a bit chilly so I threw on this little sweater because it was neutral, cozy, and didn't clash with the outfit. Also, I think it brightens it up as compared to had I gotten a black sweater. Lastly I thought that with my big brown fringe hobo, I could give this look a nice laidback look (if only the process to getting here were the same!).

Makeup was, again, very simple. I have a faux Two-Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette (you guys should get the real one though, such a wonderful investment, I just have this one as it was free--but it works very well!) and I didn't want to overdue it as I think the outfit did plenty on its own and, again, this is somewhat of a more laidback outfit, so I kept it light and dusted on "Cocoa Puff" closely but thickly to the lash line, just so it was noticeable but not overwhelming.

PHEW! So much explanation for the basic task of dressing oneself right? Ha! If you agree, we'll have to rework that thinking! Surely this is simply getting dressed but the moment I stepped out the door, I felt prepared for the day. This is how it should be everyday, not just for me, but for every single reader, every single person you know. Sadly, not everyone in this world lives like this, but those of us who can should learn to embrace it and once we do, we can help to teach others how to do so as well.

My favorite motto, especially since getting my braces, is "My best accessory: My smile. Always in style." I ask that you all consider this as you get ready to tackle your days, every day. :)

With Love,

Little Luna

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  1. Cute! love the post. Sometimes I don't feel like getting dressed up to go out..but u inspired me. lol. I am definitely putting on at least some makeup and jewelry, even if its just to go to class. :)
    And the weather was so beautiful on Sunday!! I loved it.