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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Played in Plaid

Hey everyone!

So I decided to do a quick update of my outfit on Wednesday, as that Spring weather came once more and I dressed for the occasion (though a hint of winter was still about, so I couldn't get to into it).



I must say, I love this dress so much. I'm not too crazy about short dresses like this usually, as they can be a bit of a hassle when walking up and down stairs at times, but this one is just too lovely for me to have passed up. Usually I would go for a more edgy look when wearing it but today I decided to use its feminine silhouette  and work that to the max. I still had to keep myself somewhat covered though so a turtleneck and tights were definitely key. Keeping everything other than the dress neutral was very important to maintaining a balance to it all; that is, except for some fun pink lips!

So what do you all opine? Dig it or no? How do you like your plaid (shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, etc.)? What is your fave and most verstaile print? How's the weather (totally serious question!)?

Hasta luego Loves!

Little Luna

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