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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I Like you. You're Different."

Such is the phrase written on my t-shirt on Tuesday, and I find it to be a lovely one!

I realized in my last two posts I said nothing about my hair, even though the second was styled as I normally have it, which doesn't consist of much styling at all! But I know that hair is a part of putting the look together and today I figured I would make it the key feature. So I went the very trendy and adorable top knot and played around with it to get the following:


**Shirt and Flower pin: Forever 21; Blazer (Route 66), Skinny pants (Piper & Blue), and ankle boots (Glo): Kmart; Necklace: Cinderella Club. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in "Pearly Pink"; Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner in "Starry Night Blue."

I felt like a bowl of fun that day! As you can see my hair still remianed pretty messy (it's pretty hard to tame overall), but the mess plays well with it as I wasn't going for a terribly constructed topknot. I flipped my bangs to the opposite side and pinned it with the lovely black Flower pin you see. Simple enough for a simple gal like me!

As for the outfit, I always love to pair my blazers with a fun graphic tee and I hadn't worn this one in a while so I decided to pull it out for old time's sake on top of the fact it was perfect in its heather grey way, as compared to my black or navy or striped ones. Since I had the cute little flower pin, I trid to toughen up the look a bit with this insane chains-upon-chains necklace. From there I kept things pretty dark below the belt with black skinny pants and black booties that have a bit of a military vibe to me to create a balance of feminine and masculine.

Makeup was kept light but fun with nude pink lips paired with blue, yes blue (!), eyeliner. When I saw it in the catalogue, I fell in love and craved it and have been using it pretty frequently (in my so-called frequent use of eyeliner that is). Since I had the blue shirt as well as the overall dark look, why not add a nice dark blue to the eyes that isn't overwhelming? Just to keep it light though, I did use my Natural Eyes Pallette and used "Heaven" (a very light eye-brightening shade).

I enjoyed this fun, relaxed look. Definitely easy enough for the every-day or fun-for-the-weekend. What do you think? Would you rock a similar look in any case? What's your signatures for your daily appearance? Do you have any? Are you trying to establish one (like me and blazers; still working on my collection there!)? How do you gals and guys feel about the topknot style?
Hasta Luego!

Love Little Luna

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