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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Time Blues

Hello Loves!

Sorry I've been gone for most of the month, but if you learned from last time, school had to do with it! If you're in college or have been there, then you know what crunch time is like! Not fun at all! I'll spare you all the complaints about it since that's all in the past and over with. I meant to start putting up lots of posts at the beginning of the week as I've had so many ideas come about over the weekend after my last final last week Friday, but I got really unlucky and got sick!!! Cough, cough! Because of that, I've been simply lurking the net for entertainment but haven't had the stamina to do much, including post on here. :( So sorry dears, but I'm in recovery right now and getting better already. I have high hopes for some fun posts starting tomorrow, if not I may leave some Christmas surprises. :)

Also, I have a facebook page to fill you in on any current happenings I'd like to share with you all so it's a more immediate way to follow up on things with me than my blog. I do have Twitter but I don't use it, so that's pretty useless. :P So click on the link below and go ahead and press that "Like" button! Feel free to leave me some messages relating to your interests! I'm gonna head to my bed now, in need of some rest. I hope you all have been doing well and been ok throughout the shopping season (unfortunately being jobless like I have been means the shopping season doesn't exist for me :P ).

Take care Loves and stay warm! This is going to be a harsh Winter!

Hasta Luego,

Little Luna

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Dress for Success"/World AIDS Day

Continuing on the subject of fashion shows, today was actually the first annual "Dress for Success" Fashion Show at my school! Unfortunately the weather was simply awful today (rain, clouds, and 50 mph winds!) but I toughed it out in my little red heels (Eat your heart out Dorothy!) and made it through the day. I wasn't expecting to be in the actual show but due to a lack of models, I did participate, and enjoyed my 5 seconds of fame! lol My debate team was there as well as a few other friends, so the support definitely made me feel good. Though the turn-out wasn't huge, there was a good amount of people there and they seemed to have enjoyed it. My friend Evie, who also participated, even overheard people calling us models so that's definitely a wonderful thing to hear!

I wanted to offer a little explanation for my outfit choice. I was aiming for a business casual look (I think I got it pretty well) that could transition from day to night and so I stuck to a neutral color scheme. The day of the show was December 1st, which was also World AIDS Day, and I wanted to lend my support, especially because I know of someone who is dear to me who has a family member that has AIDS so I dedicated this to them and their family, so I incorporated the color of participation into my look: Red. As you can see, my accessories, for the most part, had the color red. I feel like it lent a lot to the look and made it stand out very nicely, and definitely helped to accomplish the goal of making a day-to-night outfit. It also felt good to show my support for such an important cause at school along with many others.

I hope you all participated somehow and won't stop once the day is over. There are so many ways one can help those who suffer from AIDS and it becomes easier and more accessible each day. So I urge you to go out and look for how you can give your support and raise awareness.

That's all for tonight Loves! I hope you enjoyed the post as well as the look. Think it was a "Successful" look? Could I land a job if I went to an interview like this? Speak your minds! I love to hear it!

Hasta luego Loves!

Con Amor,

Little Luna

P.S. I now have a facebook page so find "Little Luna" and press that like button! You can find more accessible updates about the blog and can talk all you want about the Loves in your life! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010!!!

I will keep this short and simple: PURELY AMAZING!!! This show gets me every year and leaves me astounded, thinking "No way they can top that next year!" and yet they do! I really love the experience of having a fashion show on television that brings you all aspects of it: the show itself, the behind-the-scenes action, and even gives you a better insight on the models themselves and makes you see, yes they are beautiful women, but they are people just as much as we are. I really adore that! But if you didn't get to see it, here are some of my faves from the runway! That is until you get to see it on Youtube or when they give the re-run towards the end of December!

Also, Katy Perry was one of the performers and I loved that due to her already quirky-yet-sexy style, the outfits put together for the show fit in perfectly and didn't seem out of place on her! Her performances were wonderful as well, she is a great performer in my eyes! I'll admit, I was singing along! lol

Akon was the other performer present and though he isn't really my cup of tea, his performance did lend to the show as the girls strut their stuff! All in all, FABULOUS SHOW!!!

So from the above what was your fave? Did you like anything else you saw? What is your opinion of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as a whole? And, of course, what do you think is Victoria's Secret?! (Not a serious question but the responses tend to be amusing lol)

And lastly, I'd like to leave you with one more fave from the evening and a message to anyone whom I have an issue with, I do abide by the idea of turning the other cheek, more accurately shown by this model:

Hee hee Too cute!!!

Hasta luego Loves!


Little Luna

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