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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Time Blues

Hello Loves!

Sorry I've been gone for most of the month, but if you learned from last time, school had to do with it! If you're in college or have been there, then you know what crunch time is like! Not fun at all! I'll spare you all the complaints about it since that's all in the past and over with. I meant to start putting up lots of posts at the beginning of the week as I've had so many ideas come about over the weekend after my last final last week Friday, but I got really unlucky and got sick!!! Cough, cough! Because of that, I've been simply lurking the net for entertainment but haven't had the stamina to do much, including post on here. :( So sorry dears, but I'm in recovery right now and getting better already. I have high hopes for some fun posts starting tomorrow, if not I may leave some Christmas surprises. :)

Also, I have a facebook page to fill you in on any current happenings I'd like to share with you all so it's a more immediate way to follow up on things with me than my blog. I do have Twitter but I don't use it, so that's pretty useless. :P So click on the link below and go ahead and press that "Like" button! Feel free to leave me some messages relating to your interests! I'm gonna head to my bed now, in need of some rest. I hope you all have been doing well and been ok throughout the shopping season (unfortunately being jobless like I have been means the shopping season doesn't exist for me :P ).

Take care Loves and stay warm! This is going to be a harsh Winter!

Hasta Luego,

Little Luna

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Dress for Success"/World AIDS Day

Continuing on the subject of fashion shows, today was actually the first annual "Dress for Success" Fashion Show at my school! Unfortunately the weather was simply awful today (rain, clouds, and 50 mph winds!) but I toughed it out in my little red heels (Eat your heart out Dorothy!) and made it through the day. I wasn't expecting to be in the actual show but due to a lack of models, I did participate, and enjoyed my 5 seconds of fame! lol My debate team was there as well as a few other friends, so the support definitely made me feel good. Though the turn-out wasn't huge, there was a good amount of people there and they seemed to have enjoyed it. My friend Evie, who also participated, even overheard people calling us models so that's definitely a wonderful thing to hear!

I wanted to offer a little explanation for my outfit choice. I was aiming for a business casual look (I think I got it pretty well) that could transition from day to night and so I stuck to a neutral color scheme. The day of the show was December 1st, which was also World AIDS Day, and I wanted to lend my support, especially because I know of someone who is dear to me who has a family member that has AIDS so I dedicated this to them and their family, so I incorporated the color of participation into my look: Red. As you can see, my accessories, for the most part, had the color red. I feel like it lent a lot to the look and made it stand out very nicely, and definitely helped to accomplish the goal of making a day-to-night outfit. It also felt good to show my support for such an important cause at school along with many others.

I hope you all participated somehow and won't stop once the day is over. There are so many ways one can help those who suffer from AIDS and it becomes easier and more accessible each day. So I urge you to go out and look for how you can give your support and raise awareness.

That's all for tonight Loves! I hope you enjoyed the post as well as the look. Think it was a "Successful" look? Could I land a job if I went to an interview like this? Speak your minds! I love to hear it!

Hasta luego Loves!

Con Amor,

Little Luna

P.S. I now have a facebook page so find "Little Luna" and press that like button! You can find more accessible updates about the blog and can talk all you want about the Loves in your life! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010!!!

I will keep this short and simple: PURELY AMAZING!!! This show gets me every year and leaves me astounded, thinking "No way they can top that next year!" and yet they do! I really love the experience of having a fashion show on television that brings you all aspects of it: the show itself, the behind-the-scenes action, and even gives you a better insight on the models themselves and makes you see, yes they are beautiful women, but they are people just as much as we are. I really adore that! But if you didn't get to see it, here are some of my faves from the runway! That is until you get to see it on Youtube or when they give the re-run towards the end of December!

Also, Katy Perry was one of the performers and I loved that due to her already quirky-yet-sexy style, the outfits put together for the show fit in perfectly and didn't seem out of place on her! Her performances were wonderful as well, she is a great performer in my eyes! I'll admit, I was singing along! lol

Akon was the other performer present and though he isn't really my cup of tea, his performance did lend to the show as the girls strut their stuff! All in all, FABULOUS SHOW!!!

So from the above what was your fave? Did you like anything else you saw? What is your opinion of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as a whole? And, of course, what do you think is Victoria's Secret?! (Not a serious question but the responses tend to be amusing lol)

And lastly, I'd like to leave you with one more fave from the evening and a message to anyone whom I have an issue with, I do abide by the idea of turning the other cheek, more accurately shown by this model:

Hee hee Too cute!!!

Hasta luego Loves!


Little Luna

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Literature Love: Mistress Shakespeare

Hey everyone!

So this post is a bit different from the previous. As I mentioned in my first post, though the primary focus of my blog is fashion, I would implement other Loves in my life, and one of them just so happens to be literature! Yes all, I am a total book addict! Leave me to frolic in a library or bookstore, and I will come out with SOOO many books, it's ridiculous! Those who know me personally know that I tend to walk around with something to read most of the time and am always letting people know about what I'm reading and my opinions on it. So let's get into it shall we?

I just finished the historical novel (one of my fave genres by the way) Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper. The basis of the novel is that it is the memoir of Anne Whateley, the speculative mistress of the famous William Shakespeare, who details her life fully and its close ties with her beloved Shakespeare. Definitely filled with drama mixed with historical facts, it does make for a very interesting read. I found it clever that the author was able to break down the story into Five Acts, along with a chapter breakdown, to make it more involved in the playwriting of the era. What seems funny to me, though, is the strong belief of the author (in her "Author's Note") of the true existence of an Anne Whateley, even though, and I urge you all to look into this if you have interest in the actual life of Shakespeare such as I do (I am a total Shakespeare head!), the majority of scholars have out ruled the existence of an Anne Whateley due to lack of documentation, since the only mention of such a woman is in the first marriage bond, preceding that of Anne Hathaway (obviously not the current day actress, though I do love her too, and she is known to admire Shakespeare herself having acted in Twelfth Night about a year ago).  I would recommend this novel to anyone who would like to have another perspective as well as an entertaining one about Shakespeare's inspiration for his works as well as what this author's ideas are about the gaps in his life, and to see it all from the other woman's point of view.

On a scale of one to five moons, I'd give it a 3, simply because though it is thoroughly entertaining, the author seems intent on making the readers believe the existence of this woman, and that would prove to skew their judgment when majority rules otherwise, plus she herself does not give much evidence as to why this is a supported view. Regardless it was smartly written and applied in reference to Shakespeare's actual work, and I can't stress enough how entertaining it was, because I was definitely invested in it.

On top of that, I'd like to share my favorite quotes from the novel, since I always seem to find at least one thing from a book I enjoy that I'd like to keep in mind forever, and maybe it will inspire you all as well:

"A poet must be a skilled seducer of emotion; a playwright must be a master manipulator of character and plot. William Shakespeare was both and more" (153).

"Forever was such a very long time when one did not even have tomorrow" (216).

" 'I detest jealousy. It's a weakness and yet it shows a sort of perverted strength' " (218).

" 'Impossible! I will love you--I, Will, love you' " (218).

"As a child who had been taunted as "Gypsy" and "Egyptian," I had finally come to accept that I was an exotic beauty, and all that was enhanced by the mania for all things Italian these days. For that, but mostly through Will's love, I had come into my own. So I took my hat off, loosed my hair and shook it free. If I judged it best to be a lad, I'd stuff it back up under my hat; if a woman's role would serve, that's what I'd be.
  'I'm an actor too, Will,' I whispered" (230).

" 'I analyze that particular emotion [love] as being just a prettier way of saying people's needs,' he told me. 'You know, something missing in one's life, which he or she find in another person.
   'That sounds rather cold and cynical....It makes love sound rather like going to market to barter,' I protested. I'll trade you this for that.'
   'Tit for tat?' he teased and reached to squeeze my breast" (303).

" 'Ah, my love,' he whispered and pulled me to him, 'the consummate actor and author of her own words, the be-all and end-all of my plays and my days. My protector, my muse, my conscience--the wife of my heart. Let us pray on this day on which we buried the queen that we have also buried the tough times we've been through. Let's go out into the sun and treasure our days together' " (330-331).

" 'If I close my eyes, I can see the meadows and flowers we passed that day, I can feel them from years later under my naked knees and elbows when we made love on them, crushing their fragrance...and yet they will grow and bloom again when we are gone' " (360).

"Two old but always new dreamers, we could have lived all day with our memories enchanted, but we kissed instead" (360).

"Despite the appearance of collapse, Will slitted his eyes open and his gaze burned into mine. Strange, but then I felt that old swift surge of desire he had always stoked in me. An ill, dying man, and me of an age where all such passions should have passed, and I felt the power of our need for each other again. Love is a need, he'd said once, and I'd argued with him, but it was true. Like water, food and air, love was a need."

So many quotes, I know! But as I said, this was pretty well-written. Any of the above that you like? Do you think you'd be interested in reading this novel (granted it's more for the ladies than the gentlemen, but I'm sure you guys can still get your follies out in reading this; as you can see there is some perverse humor involved)? Any other Shakespeare recommendations you all have? Speaking of Shakespeare, why not mention what your favorite works are?

Hope you enjoyed this post! And to those who don't read, I'm curious as to why, so feel free to comment on that as well (though I think I can assume you wouldn't have made it to this point if that were the case, what a shame!).

Siempre con amor,

Little Luna

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Friday night I got the chance to celebrate my Latin culture at school with good food, great music, and, of course, fabulous dancing! Latinofest was a wonderful event and I'm so happy I could have attended. My only issue, and an embarrassing one on my part, was my dress attire. The invitation said "City Chic," which I interpreted as something you would wear to go dancing with friends, and being Latina, I know that sex appeal goes along with it. So I dress as I did, which you will see below. When I arrive, I immediately feel totally awkward and out of place when I see my friends because everyone was so very dressed up. Then as I mull it over, I came to the conclusion that I was wrong in thinking Chic the way I did, because it definitely is a term more associated with class. Regardless, I wasn't the only one who was in a more relaxed look and it didn't take away from the fact that I enjoyed it nor did it take away from my enjoyment that night. So without further ado, I present you with my pics from Latinofest:


Not much again, I know, but can you blame me?! My little spicy self was too occupied on the dance floor to pause for much photography, plus it was hard with the lighting to see much of anything unfortunately. Regardless, it was a lovely evening spent with my friends and a wonderful moment to celebrate where I come from and knowing that it is an accepted part of my school's community. Always a pleasure.

Lastly, I would like to provide you all with some of my music and so I present to you a very popular group called Aventura (Won't doubt that some of you know of them :] )

Con mucho amor,

Little Luna

P.S. Can anyone tell me what celebrity wore my friend Evie's dress (3rd picture, left)?

October Overview!!

So as I stated, I was on a crazy random hiatus, and sorry again to you all! But I'm definitely back in action and I have SOOOO much to show you and tell you guys about. For organization's sake, I'll break up the posts but I will start with a an overview of the month of October for me! As I stated in my previous post, I essentially was consumed by everything I was involved in and had to eliminate some to make room for others, and as of right now, I'm pretty damn happy about it and don't regret my decision at all! I just wish I had put in a little more time and effort into my outfit choices and presenting them, but that's all to change pronto! For now I present you with 3 little outfits I put together, including my Halloween costume! Hooray!

The first I was inspired to be in accordance with a Sweet Country Gal look:


This next one was just a simple look nice but tough girl look, or so that's what I was going for (lol):


And lastly, here is my costume along with some of my friends (or as much as I'm able to show since I barely took pics, so sorry!)! For those who don't know, I was Detective Shirley Holmes! :) :


And that's all I have for the month of October! I know there was so much more, but like I said, didn't do much about it. Shame on me! But I hope you enjoy these looks, and definitely comment! I'm all about hearing what you all have to say, especially curious about your Halloween costumes, even though that was so long ago. lol

With much love,

Little Luna

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Apology

Hey there loves,

I'm terribly sorry for my sudden hiatus!! Typically I would have wanted to notify such a thing but simply put, I got caught up with everything in my life (school, work, family, friends, relationship). But I've weathered the storm and preparing for my comeback! I didn't take much pics throughout October unfortunately, barely any even on Halloween! What a crime, especially when I was dressed as Detective Shirley Holmes! lol But I promise to bring so much more, especially as it gets chillier outside. The good news I have left my job and thus have more time for myself, mostly for school purposes but, of course, I will be more capable of making time for all my priorities, including my blog. A new job will, hopefully, come in time, but I'll be hoping to be more on top of everything by then, thus my break from working for a while. Anyway, I just wanted to put this little note up for you guys and gals to know what's been up with me.

Now then, I will return to my beloved boyfriend, with whom I am celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend. Not to be conceited or anything, but it feels like such an unbelievable feat to have accomplished when it has remained long distance all this time. Hopefully we can change that soon, but Time will continue to tell us, now won't it?

Until next time!


Little Luna

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cozy & Casual & Cute!

This was my outfit for today for school. I thought it was really cute and simple and I actually did get quite a few compliments throughout my day on it so why not share it with you guys? I think it's great to just throw on a cute graphic tee, try the current sweat-leggings trend, and some cute booties for color and have a great look. Add on the military-ish jacket, since it's starting to become breezy, and you are so ready to go and do whatever needs to be done that day. And as you can see, it definitely proves to be a flattering yet casual look. Did I say it was way comfortable, by the way? Those leggings especially are just so good. I'm planning on stocking up on a few more sweat-leggings and replacing my sweatpants with those because they are so much cuter but does not take away the comfort, and they can definitely be worn at home for chill time or out and about depending what you pair it up with! I hope this is a trend that stays for the permanent!

Oh, and by the way, all was affordable to the max, for those who are hawks when it comes to their money spending. The jacket was a gift so I'm not sure about that (I'm sure it was nothing extreme seeing as it was my mother who got it for me lol) but the shirt was about $9 (I'd never spend a lot on a simple graphic tee), the sweat-leggings were $12 (these were from Selena Gomez's new brand "Dream Out Loud," which I definitely think has some cute things, especially accessory-wise) and the boots were reduced from its original price to $45 (Good Choice Shoes). Not bad right? Totally not!!

Show me your comfy and casual looks! And if you hear of any new brands worth looking at, definitely share as well.

Love you all,

Little Luna