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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cozy & Casual & Cute!

This was my outfit for today for school. I thought it was really cute and simple and I actually did get quite a few compliments throughout my day on it so why not share it with you guys? I think it's great to just throw on a cute graphic tee, try the current sweat-leggings trend, and some cute booties for color and have a great look. Add on the military-ish jacket, since it's starting to become breezy, and you are so ready to go and do whatever needs to be done that day. And as you can see, it definitely proves to be a flattering yet casual look. Did I say it was way comfortable, by the way? Those leggings especially are just so good. I'm planning on stocking up on a few more sweat-leggings and replacing my sweatpants with those because they are so much cuter but does not take away the comfort, and they can definitely be worn at home for chill time or out and about depending what you pair it up with! I hope this is a trend that stays for the permanent!

Oh, and by the way, all was affordable to the max, for those who are hawks when it comes to their money spending. The jacket was a gift so I'm not sure about that (I'm sure it was nothing extreme seeing as it was my mother who got it for me lol) but the shirt was about $9 (I'd never spend a lot on a simple graphic tee), the sweat-leggings were $12 (these were from Selena Gomez's new brand "Dream Out Loud," which I definitely think has some cute things, especially accessory-wise) and the boots were reduced from its original price to $45 (Good Choice Shoes). Not bad right? Totally not!!

Show me your comfy and casual looks! And if you hear of any new brands worth looking at, definitely share as well.

Love you all,

Little Luna

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