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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My 1st New York Fashion Week Experience/Why am I Little Luna?

So I got to enjoy a piece of New York Fashion Week for the first time EVER this year and the experience was AMAZING! I loved getting to enjoy a fashion show up close for the first time and being a part of the high fashion culture. I wish I could enjoy this every week. Hopefully in the future I'll get close enough to it. :)

In the meantime, here are my shots from the show, brought to you by EZRA, a little Filipino designer with a big view for next season. His inspiration was sought from the country of Africa. The beautiful music pulsated as the models walked down the runway and graced the audience with the following:

So where do we begin here?! There's so much to look at in this show alone! Well we can start with the minimalist color scheme of black, white and nude. I think this was great with the eccentric additions of accessories here. You can most obviously see the sparkles from the gems and pearls and glitter which means that this seasons jewel tone dresses will transition to actual jewels next season, according to Ezra. Big shoulders seem to make a comeback for this show so could it signify a comeback next season? I loved the extravagance of the gowns, dresses, and pants so it seems like next season there will be a more lavish spring from the previous one. Lace, satin, tulle, and feathers persist so it seems that they'll be here to stay, and I surely won't be complaining there! Feminine silhouettes were dominant and I loved it! Also something that I saw that was new was the shredded detailing on some of the dresses so I get the feeling that's something to look for in the future. Besides the crazy up-dos though, any other possibilities you see for next season? What do you think is coming from this show for next season? Let me know and if you've seen any other trends from other fashion shows, DO TELL ME!! I'd love to know!

Now these were some of the displays from other designers there for this week:

I loved this! Simply put! And I think you can note some similarities here, such as the feathers and satin looks, but obviously you can also note some more color here as well, so it won't be completely black and white spring. Yay!!

Now a little story behind my name on here: Little Luna! As I was leaving and got into an elevator, another fabulously dressed gal along with her male accomplice got on as well. I was minding my own business and she suddenly asked me "Excuse me, but are you a fahionista?" I was a little taken aback by the question because it was surely the first time someone had considered me as such directly and responded, "No, not really." They then proceeded to compliment my outfit, especially my hat, and give me a flyer to her blog, which I'll put for those interested. But the reason for my response? I only really got immersed into fashion about a little over a year ago. I've surely learned a lot and done my best to pick up on everything as the fashion world continues to grow but I'm still not at the level where I can tell you of the history nor know designers by looking at their masterpieces, but as time goes on, I hope I can be that knowledgeable. Thus why I call myself Little Luna: Luna being my nickname, and Little due to my youth in this world (as well as my height lol). My boyfriend actually gave me the nickname Lunita even before we were together, which is Little Moon in Spanish, and I've always loved it so I thought it was a great name on here. Thus the title of my blog! And just so you know, this is what I wore out that day. It wasn't anything too extravagant compared to what many other were wearing but that's due to a birthday event I had to attend afterwards so I didn't want to be too overdressed for that as well. Regardless, it still showed me and what I know and earned me a pretty awesome compliment so no complaints here!

I know, I'm silly aren't I? I love to live outside this world, another reason for the nickname. But I think that's enough for tonight. This is a really meaty post! Hope you all enjoy some aspect of it. And do leave comments, they are always welcome! And if you're interested, check out to check out socialite Savannah Britt, whom I met in that elevator! 

Hasta luego Loves!

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  1. It was worth the wait!! Amazing post baby girl!!!