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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Celebrating My Birthday In Style!


So here are a few pictures from my birthday this past Friday, September 17th! Hooray! I turned 19 years old and had a blast with my friends! We went to Forever21 at first for a sudden trip, followed by Applebee's and lastly ended our night at a great club called Esco's or Escuelita (not too sure because I saw it referred to as both). I thought my friends looked pretty damn amazing to go along with me and that surely makes me happy! So I put up some pictures of them as well, just to show off their style and how it varies from person to person; just because we hang together doesn't mean we aren't our own person and don't have our individual way of representing it. We have everything from Bohemian to Urban to just casual but still looking good! As for me, I saw myself somewhere in between a 50's greaser and an 80's pop star? What do you think?

And I know this is probably the first time you all see me with makeup, which was done by my best friend Mimi G! I say she did an excellent job nailing a beautiful smoky eye look, and I just had to match my red pumps with my fave red lipstick (which I lost at the club!!! :[ ). Hopefully I'll be adding a few more looks including makeup done on my own, but be warned:  I am not that great at it, for I have tremendously shaky hands but practice makes perfect right?

All in all, I had a wonderful night of celebration! I ask that when your birthdays come, definitely get into an outfit that really accentuates YOUR look and rock the streets! Take some pics and definitely share it with me! I'd love to put some pics up of my fab readers, as they grow, in time!

Lots of Love to you all,

Little Luna

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