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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Time Blues

Hello Loves!

Sorry I've been gone for most of the month, but if you learned from last time, school had to do with it! If you're in college or have been there, then you know what crunch time is like! Not fun at all! I'll spare you all the complaints about it since that's all in the past and over with. I meant to start putting up lots of posts at the beginning of the week as I've had so many ideas come about over the weekend after my last final last week Friday, but I got really unlucky and got sick!!! Cough, cough! Because of that, I've been simply lurking the net for entertainment but haven't had the stamina to do much, including post on here. :( So sorry dears, but I'm in recovery right now and getting better already. I have high hopes for some fun posts starting tomorrow, if not I may leave some Christmas surprises. :)

Also, I have a facebook page to fill you in on any current happenings I'd like to share with you all so it's a more immediate way to follow up on things with me than my blog. I do have Twitter but I don't use it, so that's pretty useless. :P So click on the link below and go ahead and press that "Like" button! Feel free to leave me some messages relating to your interests! I'm gonna head to my bed now, in need of some rest. I hope you all have been doing well and been ok throughout the shopping season (unfortunately being jobless like I have been means the shopping season doesn't exist for me :P ).

Take care Loves and stay warm! This is going to be a harsh Winter!

Hasta Luego,

Little Luna

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