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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boyish Charm

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the beginning of yet another week! I'm looking forward to this one in particular because A. the temperature is going up this week (though it appears the springtime rains will be joining in as well) and B. Friday will be the Fashion Show that I've been working on with my school's Fashion Student Association all year long! It's also going to be a very hectic one work-wise, but I'll survive no matter what!

Today's outfit felt like a rather laid-back one that kind of had me reminiscing about my tomboyish times as a kid. It's kind of cool to still have that play a role in what I wear today though in a way the reflects the passing of time and aging into a woman, sorta. Give it a look:

As the shirt says, "This is how I roll." My style is very broad in where my inspiration and genres lie, and I personally love that! It reflects my life thus far and where it is headed. "Love, Faith, Hope," the words written on the bracelet I'm wearing, have been key to my continuation in life. The soaring bird has remained a symbol in my life of going for what my goals are, staying in flight towards my dreams, even through the rough patches. The clothing I wear here is a mix of old and new in my life in countless ways: the purse was once my mother's which was once my grandmother's; this Transformers tee my ex gave me but represents something I've loved from childhood (Yeah, Autobots!); the Timberland boots and Old Navy shorts from years ago; the accessories I've accumulated within the past year and a half that I look to express something I've held throughout my lifetime.

It's a beautiful thing to be able to express oneself without the use of words. It is also beautiful to do so with words. It is beautiful simply to be able to express oneself. As humans, we ought to do so however we can. I remember being teased as a child because I was such a tomboy, and today, I did get pointing and staring as I walked in the street, but those are the ones who close their eyes and ears to the world around them. I may do so as well on occasion, but I have been learning with time there is no need.

Expression is beautiful in its every way. Open your mind to the world around you and you will find yourself in the presence of souls worth knowing everyday.

Hope you all have a great week to come! Feel free to comment below on this look or any ideas that popped into your head as you read/looked along, as tangential as they may seem. Express yourself!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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