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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Showers Make Me Wear Leopard & Flowers

Hi y'all!

The rains ensue in the City with cloudy skies almost daily with rare peaks of sunshine every now and again but accompanied with chilly winds. Though it is definitely Spring, it isn't what many were hoping for, myself included. Regardless, I'm happy it's here because instead of cold snow we have lovely rain pouring down to help give life once more to the trees and plants and flowers. I hope to take my camera to school soon to snap a few shots during my commute and on campus of the blooming flowers and plants because it is what makes Spring such a beautiful season. Also it is the birthing season for all the animals! I'm also hoping I can go to the Bronx Zoo to see the little babies there. Here is what I wore Tuesday with inspiration deriving from :

I've worn this top before for the night of my birthday but for daytime, I toned it down by keeping everything else low key. I traded in the leggings for skinny jeans, the leather jacket for a cozy military-inspired sweater, the red pumps for blue Victorian-inspired boots (which actually have a leopard print interior!), the large statement accessories for smaller statement ones (I have 4 rings on as well as my usual watch and the Victorian-inspired necklace), the bold make-up for a clean face with exception for some bright pink lips, and instead of pinning my hair to one side, I kept it tousled and all over the place. 

Even though I gave a pretty in-depth explanation of transitioning a piece from night to day, it's really simple once you stand in front of your closet and see what you have going on. I'm sure once you make your pick, you can see it's easy-peasy to work around it and make it good for anytime of the day.

What do you think of this outfit? Does it work for the daytime or should the top be restricted to nighttime use only? How do you transition your pieces between day and night? Is there a certain item you like because of how versatile it is when it comes to time of day? How about this weather?! Is Spring popping up where you live? What do you like most about it? Least? Sound off below!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

P.S. In regards to my second blog, I haven't posted in a while but that is because I want to dedicate it to more thought-out posts regarding practically anything I find important to note but have been so swamped at school that I never feel I can fulfill that, at least right now. It's rounding off to the end of the semester and all my major work is due so it will be a little while longer before I do get back to it but I hope to return to it soon as there has been much I've wanted to share with you guys about the numerous events that have been happening. :)

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