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Friday, April 22, 2011

Carried Away by the Breeze

Hey everyone!

Earth Day is here but I won't be getting gussied up for it as I have a long weekend from school but it'll be spent doing loads of work. Regardless, I took the beauty of the day on Thursday to wear a nature inspired look again but toughened up a little more than I have on previous occasions.

**Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21; Shirt: Kmart- Route 66 (for Boys); Denim Jacket: Baby Guess (from when I was little); Boots: Forever 21; Belt: Vintage; Tube Socks and Flower Hair-Tie: Pay Half; Backpack: Thrift; Sunglasses: Target-Xhilaration; Lipstick: Milani in Tiki-Tiki-Pink

Of course I'd use the color green for this! That having been my main color, I kept the rest of the choices neutral with black and white and a little brown in the flower, with exception to my light denim jacket as well as some pink lips. This dress I wore before, oddly enough, in a similar way in the sense that I contrasted its girly appearance with some tough accessories, one of them having been these very boots. This time around I used it as a skirt but it didn't feel like it was too tough of an outfit so much as one that I could go skip in a field and get a little dirty in. Seeing as I don't have any available though, I took an approximately 7 mile walk home instead and took pictures on the way! I'll be posting them on my other blog for y'all to see.

What do you think of this one guys? How will you be celebrating your Earth Day? What's your favorite thing about the planet we live on? Want to come skip in a field of flowers with me (lol)?

Hasta Luego Flower Children!

Little Luna

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