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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Killer Threads or Just a Big Tickle?

What's buzzin, cuzzins?

If you are already confused as to what I'm talking about, here's the word from the bird: I spent the day out and about with my best friend Michelle, enjoying an unreal lunch followed by some thrifting and shopping. When she saw me, though, she said that I looked straight out of the 50's! So I decided to fracture myself as well as y'all by making this post as 50's as possible by including some of the slang and sounds of the times. Having a hard time getting with it? Here's some assistance to keep you in orbit.

Anyway, I was never known for looking like a cube, as I'm sure y'all are aware, so here was my try at lookin' like a real dolly today:

I chose these threads because the weather's starting be a real kick, which made me go ape! My parents looked at me like I was kookie though and essentially told me "Don't have a cow! It's not that warm!" but as I've said before, once the weather gets past all that snow and cold, I have illuminations of Springtime and you can bet I'm on the stick when it comes to that! So I split and was on cloud 9 because of how boss it felt outside. I had a blast throughout the day and didn't feel like a goof at all for my choice. People just don't get that when it comes to unreal weather, I was made in the shade for knowing what to wear.

So what's your tale, nightingale? Think this look is cookin' or am I fream in modern day and back then as well? How would you classify it? Do you dig the 50's or think it was a decade that should be titled "Nowheresville?" Let me know what's on your mind; razz my berries!

I personally really like a lot about the times, especially the sounds! That being said, I figured I'd share some radioactive tunes that I really like:

I always flip when I hear these songs! You have to be bad news if you can't get cranked to this. How crazy is it that these rattled people's cages back then?

Anyway, it's time for me to pile up the Z's so I'll catch up with you hip cats soon. Don't be a square!

Later, gators!

Little Luna

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