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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy Little Luna Haul: Summer Lit Picks

Hey everyone!

Even though I had one more day planned for Haul Week, with the crazy renovations going on in my room, that one is going to have to be postponed for another day, so we'll end it on today with LITERATURE!!! Yeah, it's time to get your nerd on folks because these aren't mother's chick lit novels. These are REAL novels (with a hint of Scripture)!! So what do I have planned for this Summer? Check it out!

*NOTE: With exception for the last two books, the other links are other versions of the books. Online the nook versions of all the Barnes & Noble Classics Series are available but not all are available in their paperback form.

While on line about to make the purchase, I saw the following hanging and felt compelled to get it A. I love reusable/recyclable bags for shopping and B. I love a bag where I can show off my lit-chic self.
To Kill a Mockingbird Book Cover Recyclable Shopping Tote (Available In-Store Only--Also available in 3 other classic book covers)

The first book was my initial purpose for stepping into Barnes & Noble as my aunt, as well as a friend, had been wanting me to read the book for quite some time. As I was perusing their other selections, I stumbled upon the Barnes & Noble Classics Series table, which had a sign stating that if 2 books were bought, the third came free. The prices of the books in the collection were pretty awesome on top of that so I simply couldn't resist and picked up all that you see! The last free book went to my aunt, who picked up her own copy of Siddhartha that was a part of the Series but I picked my version as it carried the additional Scripture by The Buddha. I picked out these books because I like to take the free time in the summer to get better acquainted with those who are deemed the Classics in literature and learn from them as an aspiring writer. I don't know that I'll like them all, but no harm in getting to know them!

What's on your Summer Reading list (This is only a small bit of mine--I have many more from the library as well as my own unread selection)? What's your preferred genre for beach reads? Are any of the above favored authors for you? Do you take time during the Summer to read at all (It's a good way to kill time with all the travelling accomplished during the season)? What are you reading right now? Any recommendations for the Summer? TALK NERDY TO ME! lol

Hope you enjoyed Haul Week everyone! Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

P.S. I meant no offense to Chick Lit readers, but I've grown tired of the formulaic drama and romance. :P


  1. If your into reading classic's this summer how about something just a tad risque like Lolita ;)
    Its an all time favorite of mine.

    Some of my list includes:
    Middlesex By Jeffery Eugenides
    Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman
    Women by Charles Bukowski
    Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
    The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood
    No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July

    Its good to see people with literature,
    Happy Reading (:

  2. I have surely read the beloved Lolita! Absolutely fascinated by it and loved it; so much so I read a great analysis about the culture (I suppose you can call it that) that it bred afterwards in a book titled "Chasing Lolita" by Graham Vickers. Definitely recommend it!

    Of your list, I have yet to read any so I'll be looking into them all. Currently have Bukowski's "Ham on Rye" on my list, which I started last year but didn't get to finish.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations and also happy to see others enjoying some reading time! :)