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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Me Reintroduce Myself!

Hey everyone!

I took the last week off to just relax since school has officially ended and my vacation officially took off, meaning extra time in bed, extra time to read, extra time to relax overall! I probably should have at least mentioned that but I got too darn lazy in the process. lol It happens! But break time is over, at least for my blogs, and I'm ready to start offering you guys a whole lot more this Summer! I actually saw my post related to my official return at the beginning of the year and am so proud that I have exceeded my hopes in progress, and it's really given me the boast of confidence to continue! So let's get right into it, shall we?

This will be a rather quick post as I'm in the midst of a Father's Day Extravaganza for the man who has given me so much in my life and dedicating this wonderful day to him (I'm hoping to grab his gifts at some point to show off since he's very traditional and I must respect his privacy so I won't be able to get him to model them for me). Anyway, last Friday was my middle school reunion (yeah, we have those!) The reason is my middle school was not just a school, but a community and home to so many students that attended there so you can pretty much call it a family reunion. I didn't attend last year but this year I did, and I'm so thankful for it. I had such an amazing time even though only 3 other people of my year showed up and 3 from the year before. Nonetheless, it was enough of us to have an amazing time together! I made sure to dress to the nines because my middle school years were probably the most difficult in my life thus far and I wanted to show people that I was here and I've grown and I'm ready to tackle anything that comes my way, as well as to show how far I've gone. It actually earned my compliments from the people I chatted with as "the most stylish person there!" Hooray!

It was a hot yet rainy evening so I sported this beloved silk red shirt with these new khaki skinnies (an inspired buy after hanging with a good friend on Thursday and really loving his khaki jeans) for a fun yet grown look. With this lovely cream clutch that was perfect for the occasion with the words "MARK. Make Yours" (though it kinda looks like MARX--makes me love it even more!) I made sure to do so by playing with the assortment of colors of the beautiful eye on it through my turquoise/gold three-tier necklace and coral lips (also a navy blue umbrella and my purple sunglasses not seen here). To "make my mark" with this outfit, I added a lovely fedora to pair up with these pointy black pumps with wooden heels and my glasses.

Sadly, the evening mist tampered with  my hair but que sera sera! I still kind of like the look!

So what do you guys think of this outfit? How would you go dressed to a reunion to "make your MARK?" What kind of look would you go for? Are you a reunion person or are you still very close to those you attended school with years ago? How were you all of last week--it's been so long?!

I'm off to go make my daddy's dinner--his final surprise of the night! Hope you all enjoy time with your father, regardless of when it may be or who you deem that figure in your life to be.

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna


  1. gorgeous photos!

  2. i really love your photos! there is something so fun in what you do. I love it! And your beauty shines through. kisses hon thanks for the support love!