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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Neutral and Short Does Not Mean Plain and Boring

Hey everyone!

This past Friday, I met up with my dear Michelle for lunch after school and as the weather continues to be fantastic, I felt a dress was appropriate for the occasion. I haven't worn this dress since October so I decided to pull it out. Even though as I put it on, it once again reminded me of a country gal but I didn't really want to go for that vibe. Instead, I wanted the emphasis of a neutral color scheme as a statement in a city so obsessed with color this season.

Michelle was kind enough to take this shot of me outside before we bid each other adieu. So nice to be outside!

I really need to give this dress a little more wear, don't you think?! The length cuts off perfectly to give accentuate the length of my legs. It also serves as a fantastic way to try color blocking thanks to the different colors of each tier of the dress. The belt is a part of the dress and adds even more neutral fabulousness to everything with the crocheted white and tan center. This made choosing my shoes pretty easy: paired it with these tan puppies for a flawless combination. Though I could have probably gone without the short jacket, I decided to throw it on add a cool, city edge to the look (also love how the tan patch on the back works with it as well--totally unexpected but so cool!). I originally had a necklace but decided to take it off because why wear it when your buttons are pearls?! Lastly, I've been toting around this camel-colored snake skin purse all week! So chic, so simple, so classic, and it goes well with virtually anything! Absolute love--I'll be showing a haul from my Memorial Weekend buys which will include it later in the week.

I decided to have some fun with my makeup and used a bronze cream eyeshadow and a black liquid liner on the eyes. Liquid liner is such a tough thing to handle for me but I think I managed well and even managed to add a bit of extension to it without it look too screwed up. In the words of Brenda Song's character London, "YAY ME!" I also brushed on a powder (which I got over the weekend and will include in the haul) onto my cheeks for a little flush. Lastly, I left my lips as is with exception to the very necessary lip balm, which I find gives the natural color of lips a nice sheen and compliments them as well as moisturizes!

Does my hair look a lot shorter? I've been fixated on shorter hair lately but I dare not cut my hair so I have decided to attempt to find a way for those of us who don't want trim our long locks: pin 'em up! Now I was running a little short on time (because I was short in every way in this post) so I didn't get to have a really structured look but I think the messiness of it adds a little edge as well, so I forgave myself. I essentially just grabbed the ends pinned it up all over the place so the back looks all twisted up but from the front it looks like a shoulder length bob (sorta)! I'll definitely be trying this out throughout the summer and doing my best to perfect it as well as show you all different ways to rock your faux-bobs!

How do you like this look? How much emphasis do you give your neutrals: are they usually accents or do you let them take center-stage? Do you wear them often during spring and summer, the seasons of color? Do you prefer your hair long or short? Have you given the faux-bob a try (Feel free to share some pics to feature on here if you do!)? What's your favorite hairstyle for the summer?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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  1. i love the dress hon! great with thick belts!!! kisses