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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Forgotten Fruit

Hey chicos and chicas!

It appears I have a fruit motif taking place in my mani posts! Seeing as my Peach polish as well as this one are both from Forever 21, it seems they're trying to get nails to look fruitilicious, and I must say I don't mind at all! This time around, I chose this polish in Avocado, which is a fruit I don't see many people raving about, myself included, but that is just a mistake on all our parts! Though school has accustomed me not to typically use Wikipedia as a source, I'll make an exception this time so the points are made quickly and you can easily see how beneficial having a bit of Alligator Pear is to your health (though not so much the case to your pets). Fantastic little fruits aren't they? They also make for a beautiful nail color as well:

Now, I will definitely be the first to say that avocados don't look very much like this color as it is a green and yellow fruit while this practically looks teal. Disregarding that fact, though, the color makes for a beautiful and different choice that reminds me of cool water or something delicious, which is perfect for the spring or summer time! Also, the reason I'm not so bothered by having this shade called is because avocados are certainly delicious but don't be mistaken; though it is called aguacate in Spanish and agua does mean water, the word derives from ahuácatl or "testicle" from the Nahuatl language, brought about by a Native American tribe in Mexico (the elaboration of it can be found in the above link), because of its shape (feel free to insert your dirty jokes here now :P ). Anyway, the color is subdued but is still noticeable enough to add a little something to any of your outfits during the warm weeks to come with its tropical touch. I think that this would also be a fun color to try during the winter time because of the coolness of it would blend well but again, give a lovely addition to whatever you may wear.

Do you like this nail polish shade? Do you like avocados? What's your favorite way to eat them (I'm willing to bet guacamole is going to be the top choice though I prefer cut pieces as a part of a salad)? What's your favorite fruit? Do you note a commonality in your own nail polish collections? Do you have any similar polishes you'd like to recommend?

Oh! Before I forget, remember the post by another user I put up answering how to safely take care of your nails? It totally worked! Even though it took me a while before I did them again, I could have done it the day I decided to take them off without any issue. If you haven't checked it out, click the link to the Peach post above and check it out! It's good to be pretty, but maintaining everything in good health matters as well!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

P.S. If you want to get this exact polish, I believe this is the one, but a con about this collection is that the label on the polish says one color name while the site states another, making it difficult to really know. Seeing as this shade's pretty unique among the rest, though, I'm 99% sure that's the one. :)


  1. I think the colour is great. And I love avocados - had one today spread on my toast with poached eggs. Yum!

    -fb X

  2. Ooo! I've never had that combo before! I'm looking forward to giving that a try soon! :)