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Friday, June 3, 2011

No Need to Sweat the Small Stuff

Hello there everyone!

I don't think I speak about my height very often on here. That's partly due to the fact that I don't want my blog to appear to a select audience beyond that of the fashion/style lovers but something for anyone to come upon and enjoy and ultimately gain inspiration in some way, whether it be so much as the first smile of the day to an actual realization about your own life and style. Regardless, anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a very petite gal and proud of it! :) I've definitely gotten teased plenty throughout my life for it, as I was usually the tiniest one in the class or on the job, but I made sure that people knew it was no reason to doubt my capabilities in any way. Sure, I can't grab the cute shirt on the top shelf for you, but I can definitely explain why it would or wouldn't look well on you and how you can pair it up to suit your style. And that's only regarding fashion!

Living in a society that honors the tall woman as most beautiful with high fashion being the reinforcer of such, it's tough in many regards to be short, but because of the challenge, it has helped me to be a determined person who doesn't like to back down when times get tough quite so easily. It's because of that I enjoy my height! I saw that graphic tees that stated "I'm not short...I'm fun size" became quite popular for a time and I loved the message so I snagged my own version. It reminds me of the phrase "Big things come in small packages," which has typically referred to great and wonderful occurrences coming about in minute ways, but this fun little phrase makes it more relative to the awesome tiny people everywhere!

Usually I would throw on some sort of shoes that give me some height but in order to really flaunt this tee's message, I stuck to my white oxfords, which helped to make the white blocking of the words on the shirt pop. I also got the feeling that today should have been a very casual day, as the weather was close to perfect today, so I threw on these loose painter cropped jeans. I really like the intricacy of the wash as it actually intensifies the curves of the lower half of my body while its straight leg design streamlines the legs as well. This may not be the first thing a petite woman would go for but I think it highlights the legs really well while remaining casual. The shirt has a little sparkle to it but isn't super noticeable so I added this simple belt with a square rhinestone buckle to add some shine and girlitude to the outfit. Jewelry was kept to a minimum with a silver bracelet, necklace, and my usual silver watch to also add a little subtle something to the overall look. Lastly, I added my white fedora and purple aviators to finish off the cool effect of the outfit.

Humidity has never been a good friend to my hair, a fact I've accepted. I am also working on learning styling my hair in more ways but in the meantime, as you probably noticed, not much really happens in that department. Regardless, I was caught up between having a ponytail and a braid so I combined the two into one by having a loose ponytail that transitioned into a braid! I think if I didn't have so much frizz going on, it may have looked a whole lot cooler, but you can only do so much against Mother Nature!

As for makeup, I didn't want to overload the look since I was trying stay simple so I touched up the eyes with "Heaven" from my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and added some "Tiki Tiki Pink" by Milani on the lips to finish it off.

What do you think of this look? How much do you feel like your height affects your style? Are there certain items or trends you wish you could try but are afraid it won't work because of your height? Can you guess how tall I am (If you know the answer, you can't play! That's cheating, and we don't promote dishonesty here. :P)? How do you like to keep things casual?

A tip to my fellow petites: I've said this a few times on other blogs, but one of my biggest worries was the maxi dress, which I thought looked absolutely beautiful on many other women but thought it wouldn't look well on me because it would make me look even tinier than I am. I took a risk last summer, though, and bought this maxi dress and am so happy I did! I saw that it can actually do the opposite for a little lady and personally, every time I wear it, I always feel amazing! It is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. So little ladies, don't be afraid of those super long pieces; embrace them!

To ALL the ladies and gents: If you find something you like and it fits your body well, get it! Don't worry about the trends or if it'll make you shorter or taller. The point is that it shows the best possible you and you can be sure that you'll be flaunting it with your best accessory: your smile!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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