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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Knot as Simple as it Looks

Hi there everyone!

It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the States, today being Memorial Day! Today is a day to take time to think about the numerous people who have served in the military and died during their time of service. In an almost ironic way, this weekend also represents the unofficial beginning of summer (which has been adequate due to the recent surge in heat taking place here on the East Coast at least). Many people only think about the celebrations, barbecues, and opening of all pools, beaches, and water parks during this time, but time should be taken out to think about the fact that thousands of people have died in order for us to be able to enjoy these very things from the time of the Civil War (where the origination of the holiday derives from). I personally have not had the experience of knowing someone who served and died in service nor am I really an advocate for the use of military forces and such (though other options appear difficult in this day and age), but simply knowing that there are people out there who have makes me stop and think about it. If you haven't yet, I ask that you do so now before proceeding, especially if there is someone who in your life who has served in their time and is no longer here.

This past Friday, I came up with an outfit that at first felt like I was intending to go to the beach but was actually just going to school so I turned it from beachy cute to city cute!


Afterwards, I decided to tone things down as I was going to give my hair some TLC at a salon as well as see some family so I traded in some of my accessories to bring about this look:

I've seen knotting as a big trend this season and not too long ago, I loved to knot my shirts so I decided to jump right back to it. This shirt fits me rather lengthy, as do many others due to my tiny torso, so it definitely helps to make the shirt fit me better as well as to lengthen how it looks. The key to showing a little tummy without it looking inappropriate is the balance the shortened top with a lengthy bottom, so I wore my long prairie skirt (though I guess it's now called a maxi skirt? Prairie was the look a few years back you know), though sadly it had a hole but I instead of sewing it I may take out the bottom tier and use it as a bandeau or head wrap (stay tuned for that!).

For the first look, I added class to it by adding my red patent heels, doubled pearl necklace and coral floral (it rhymes!) headband. Since my hair was messy, I flipped it to the side to give it some sort of structure. I went bare-faced as there was plenty going on with the look and I didn't want to look overbearing.

For the second look, I switched the heels for cream flats with a bow upon them, the pearls for my long-chained heart locket, and the floral headband for my white floppy hat. I also added a bunch of cute and colorful charm bracelets. This altered it from something suitable for wandering in the city to something more relaxed and easy without losing the appeal of the look. What makes this fantastic is how versatile the basics of the outfit are!

Throughout the weekend I had a few other outfits for bbqs and wandering around but I decided to show this one to give an example of how versatile an outfit can be and how having the right accessories can really transform a look. Also, I unintentionally used the colors of our flag, almost (so the shade of blue was off--I wasn't intending to use that blue as I wanted to look fit for summer, though maybe it would have worked...).

What do you think of this outfit x2? How do you switch up an outfit to suit different occasions? Do you have any go to accessories in order to do so? Or do you have a specific outfit choice you know you can easily transition? How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend if you're in the States, or if not, did you do anything special this past weekend to prepare for summer?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna


  1. Hi Emi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful comments about my post. I really appreciate them :)

    Firstly I have to say I am a little envious of your 'beginning of summer' as it is freezing cold in Australia right now. (But am secretly planning a trip to the US to get away from it all!)

    But it is a great post that makes you think about some important things in life.

    -fb X

  2. OH MY GOSH HON! THIS IS SUCH A FUN POST! thanks so much for the support! LOVE AND KISSES

  3. @fb: Thank you for coming by as well! I'm glad you felt like it made you think and enjoyed it! :) So sorry that it's getting to winter down in Australia but I'm sure if you do come to the US, you'll enjoy the heat plenty (though the humidity is no fun...)

    @tlb: Thank you!!! I'm glad you thought so! Always like to keep it fun and enjoyable here so glad that you felt that way!