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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Denim Day in LA & USA

Hi everyone!

I'm a little slow with the posts, and I'm sorry about that but I plan on catching up, starting with something of a continuation from my previous post. I wanted to really make my denim the key to my outfit so I took this day to tackle one of the tougher current trends, denim-on-denim:


The trick is to have differing shades of denim so by having the really light jacket paired with the medium denim  wiggle dress. Since my objective was to make the denim the center of attention,  I kept everything else toned-done with black and hints of silver. Lastly, I finished off with simple nude lips and kept my hair wavy and loose and voila!

I was thrilled to see a good lot of people in my class wearing denim and I heard that many people were wearing the ribbons we made along with wearing denim. Whether they chose to wear it because it was it was the first thing the could grab quickly or because they saw the flyers I don't know, but the results definitely spoke volumes in support and it appeared our first campaign was successful! What a joy! I'm definitely excited for next year since we have much more planned and have more time to work on it so it should be even more wonderful.

What's your take on this look and on denim-on-denim in general? Did you wear denim last Wednesday and was it for the cause? If you didn't know about it this past week (and I apologize for not having brought it to your attention sooner if you would have wanted to participate), do you think you'll do it next year?

To anyone who participated, thanks so much for your support! Awareness is the first before action can take place and the more we spread, the bigger the chances for action are. Let's bring about some change and make things happen everyone! :)

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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