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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rocker & The Romantic Flowers

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!

With my mini break about to end as soon as it started, I made sure to take a day out to simply enjoy myself and that I did with none other than my beloved best friend! Though some were worried about the Rapture on Saturday and others were laughing about it, we took the day to enjoy it like any other Saturday (though we did take time to join the "final countdown" as you can see me in mid-count below-- queue music).

Other than that, though, we just wandered around downtown fantasizing about our ideal futures as well as getting approached by the strangest of people, so much more than usual that I had to mention it here! Regardless we enjoyed our day, and of course, looked nothing less than fabulous!

Michelle looked beautiful in her floral strapless top paired with olive shorts. What I love is that she amped this up to a fantastic look with one simple thing: leather! The jacket and boots (whose chains definitely solidify the look) give what could have been a really feminine outfit some edge. The big shades definitely give her a cool look overall but when those came off, you got to see her beautiful light pink eyeshadow with some black eyeliner, maintaining the soft-yet-edgy look going in every way! Lastly, she finished off with simple, sleek, straight hair with an added cute headband. Ain't she just a doll?!

I have taken up wearing my Forever 21 dress as a skirt, as I find it easier to pair up with what I own, but instead of going for an edgier look like last time, I worked with the feminine look that comes with a tiered piece with little florals in between and added this lacy pastel multi-colored top, which also had its own floral designs beneath all that lace. As if it didn't end there, I wore my white American Eagle for Payless flats, which, surprise surprise(!), had florals decorating it (though the constant showers caused them to get dirty but flowers aren't as pristine as clothing makes them out to be so no big deal--I will be cleaning them, though)! With all that going on, I kept the accessories low-key with my vintage black necklace along with a silver necklace I added my Code Geass Geass charm to (which if you haven't seen, do so immediately!!!) as well as a few rings and my Forever 21 wide studded stretch belt. Oh, and of course, my beloved rhinestone bow sunnies and vintage backpack! I went with a clean face and had a messy high bun to finish off the look.

So which of these two floral looks would you take up? Do you have a piece you constantly alter to suit your tastes? How did you spend your time during "The Rapture?"

Have a fantastic week everyone and truly enjoy each and every day! No one can so easily predict the end of the world so make sure that you make the best of each day, not to ensure where you will end up in your afterlife, but so that your actual life is one you enjoyed living. At one point in time, I did the complete opposite of this, but now, I do my best to find a reason to smile and find the good in each day. It definitely does the soul some good. :)

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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