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Thursday, May 19, 2011

When You Bite It In the Street, Stand Up and Walk on with a Smile

Hi everyone!

I've remained focus on school this past semester as it was my first semester in college without holding down a job as well, which definitely has its pros and cons. I don't like being very reliant on my parents (and the feeling is pretty mutual) so I've been off in search of a new job for some time now. Today I went to two fantastic stores downtown, Madewell and Anthropologie, and applied. For the latter, I even participated in a group interview! Now I'm waiting to hear back from both while also prepping for my summer course beginning next week. As these stores are both very stylish but because I knew I was having at least one interview, I wanted a formal yet trendy outfit and put together the following:

Last week I posted on how the pencil skirt serves as an essential in a lady's closet and mentioned how it is versatile piece for both work and play, play having been my theme then. For my mission today, I thought not only would it be perfect for me to wear but it would also provide an excellent chance how I'd style it for the purpose of work! Pulling this look together came with ease as I took some pieces from another outfit I wore, surprisingly, to an outing 2 weeks ago, once again, to Pacha NYC (Calvin Harris was DJ for the night and if you haven't heard him before, definitely check him out!).

As you can see, I used this Peter Pan blouse that has some cute cap sleeves and shows some midriff as well as my peep-toe Madden Girl platform heels. In order to tone it down from a "fun night out" outfit to an "interview appropriate" one, the pencil skirt does well with the blouse due to its high rise and covers up the midriff, making it a perfect match with its cream color and while it appears formal, it is very cute. The shoes, with their mauve color, add more to the black and white. I also added the orange belt at the waist to break the top and bottom apart as well as add some springtime pop to the look. I added no additional accessories as the outfits use of colors as well as the silky, wrinkly texture of the blouse are enough to make it stand alone.

For makeup: I feel bad I don't recall where I heard this tip (if I find the source, I'll be sure to mention them right away) but it was that gold eyeshadow can actually help to diminish the sight of those little strays around your eyebrow and since I don't plan on going to get mine done till next Monday, this was tremendously useful. I put it on the entire lid and brow bone ("Honey Pot" from the Two-Faced Natural Eye Palette) and added Heaven over it on the lid to subdue the intensity a bit, as I didn't want my makeup to look too extreme. On the lips I added my Tiki Tiki Pink by Milani for an added cuteness and color but again, nothing that would have seemed inappropriate.

For hair: Thanks to yesterday's downpour my hair has become a bit of a mess so I decided to go with a bun but instead of the usual neat one placed right in the middle, I opted for a messy side bun for a personable yet cleaned up look. NOTE: It's always good to go to an interview with your hair pulled back somehow; interviewers want to see the person their interviewing, not how fantastic their hair is.

What do you think of this look? If you weren't convinced about the goodness of a pencil skirt, how about now? What is your go-to outfit for a guaranteed hire during an interview?

Also, the reason for the title is because as I was about to cross the street on my way to Madewell, I somehow tripped and fell right onto the street and scuffed my right hand and left knee. New Yorkers are pretty well known for just walking on by when something happens and I'm sure there was laughter among a few bystanders (can't blame them), but I stood up and made sure my outfit was unharmed when a lady came and asked if I was okay and went on to compliment my outfit and wished me luck (I had quickly mentioned that I was on my way to an interview and how it was not a good forewarning). I cleaned up my boo-boos, though, and continued walking like I wasn't even phased by what happened and remained focused. Oh, and I made sure to smile when I got to my destinations (very important to do during the application/interviewing process)! I even enjoyed the vibrant, off-beat beauty that is SoHo:

Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone! If any of you are in the hunt for a job, I'll keep you all in mind as well!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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