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Sunday, May 1, 2011

April was Sexual Harassment Awareness Month! Did You Rock Some Teal?

Hi everyone! It's so good to be back!!! :)

I honestly wish I could have posted this while still in April but posting takes time and dedication and I'd hate to put up a half-hearted post that was rushed, especially when in relation to something that matters greatly to me. Regardless, it still deserves to be brought up and made known and thus I shall do so.

April was Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. The word "Harassment" is sometimes traded for "Assault," and I honestly kind of prefer that for the simple fact "Harassment" is a miscomprehended word when paired with "Sexual" and often thought to be something minor while "Assault" does add a sense of severity to it and leaves a little more of an impact on the person who hears about it. Vocabulary aside, the purpose is to bring awareness to the public an issue that often takes place and yet is given little attention or serious consideration. The history behind it is really interesting and the statistics alarming to those who know little. Even for me,someone who has been involved in the survivor community for some time now, the stories are truly heart-wrenching to say the least. What is disappointing is the ideas behind it such as this only applies to females or that it isn't as worthy of attention as other issues along with other ridiculous notions and even more so is the fact that Sexual Harassment Awareness Month is rarely known by many people!

I proposed the idea to my L.G.B.T. club at school to make a change as it is definitely something that college students ought to be more aware of in order to help make changes, especially when there are people in government like Georgian Senator Bobby Franklin who carry the intent to CHANGE the legal definition of "Rape" and make those affected seem like bad people taking part in the action. If you aren't aware of this situation, here is a link to the actual bill as well as an article regarding it. Returning to the point of promoting awareness on campus though, everyone agreed that we ought to go for it, though we had limited time so we decided to dedicate the final week of April to it. For the first day of the week I decided to rock my teal, the color of the ribbon used to represent it, in the following way:



I love the classy look to this dress. I've worn it for daytime as well as special events and it's easy to transition. To keep the focus on the color I kept everything else neutral and let the color pop on the dress as well as the necklace. For the face, I kept it just as simple and with daytime ease by adding pink lips. For everyone else on campus, we prepared ribbons for them for the next day, which was Denim Day, and I sadly didn't get any pictures of everyone but I did get word that there was a great turnout on behalf of students and faculty, which was satisfaction enough for me! 

I can't wait for next year, as we have many plans in the works but it isn't something that should be left solely for April. If you can find ways to support the cause, don't hesitate to do so! At the very least, if you find yourself in the presence of a survivor, not a "victim" or "accuser," listen to their story and comfort them as best as you can. It does make a big difference. Also, now that you know about it, spread the word! Try to see if you can form a group next year to plan some events and make it more known to people in your school, workplace, and community. I definitely encourage that you not only raise awareness but take action.

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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