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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Party Anytime, Every Time!

Hi there everyone!

I went to Forever 21 towards end of December last year during the first snowstorm wearing my Christmas gift (a jacket) and some heels and picked up quite a few things, one of them being a beautiful dress that was on sale. Sadly, though, I had been awaiting the perfect occasion to wear it, specifically a spiffy party of some sort. I never quite found that time and have had it hanging behind my door while I wore practically every other dress I could find. As the weather shot up today, though, with the chance of rain still looming over the sunshine, I decided that the party I had been waiting for had arrived! The following outfit came about:

**Dress: Twelve by Twelve (Forever 21); Belt: Vintage; Boots: Route 66 (K-mart); Socks: Merona (Target); Bag, Bracelet, and Necklace: Gifted

I toned the formality of the dress by pairing it with green accessories, as green and purple pair up fantastically. By using different hues such as yellow-green and jade, the spectrum tones down the dress for daytime. As more rain was predicted for the day, I usually resort to my boots to hold me out for the day but also saw that as they were black, they played well with the black lace and slight fringe of the dress. Lastly, I had my oatmeal socks peek out a bit to add a bit of strategic dishevelment to the overall look and kept the number of accessories at a few so as not to appear overbearing.

Continuing on that, I styled my hair into a messy side braid (which only got messier throughout the day thanks to the humidity) and accented with a shiny lime green scrunchy.

Makeup was also kept light by doing a slight smoky-eye by using "Nude Beach" and "Cocoa Puff" from the Too-Faced Natural Eye Palette. Lips were also kept neutral with a slight hint of nude pink.

What do you think of this outfit? Do you find that the dress works well for daytime or should only be kept for special events? How would you take a dress meant for special occasions or nighttime and translate it for day wear?

Party everyday, just not too hard! :)

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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  1. lovin the dress annnddd the third picture!!!