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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blocked by Butterflies

Hi everyone!

The end of the semester has been super intense but thank goodness for fantastic weather (even if it causes my allergies to drive me nuts) and fun clothes to wear! I've been keeping my stems in pants a lot lately so last Tuesday I decided to break that trend with a skirt.

Though this is a simple look, the colors really make it stand out and had me feeling great all day long. I also thought the touch of the butterflies made it really cute and added a really girly flare to it all.

I'm the type of girl who takes time before I can get into a new trend and colorblocking was definitely no different. This outfit helped me really break that though and see that it can be a really appealing look. I think I have an idea on how to make it work but before I can propose my theory it will require another test or two. To give you all an idea though, I think that when you use a certain color (in this case blue) and use opposing shades (navy for dark and turquoise for bright) as your main pieces you already have a basis for your outfit. To really add that pop, though, add accessories that are bright and play well with your color scheme (orange--another trend this spring that I've been struggling with). If you are still working on perfecting the look though, adding a neutral piece (tan shoes) can help to keep it looking great while making you feel secure that you aren't looking eccentric or like you are trying too hard.

I know I've seen many other girls go way more out there than this but I think this provides a good start for any of you who are like me and still trying to figure it out. We'll find our way to making this a part of our looks!

How do you like this outfit? Are you into colorblocking? What's your favorite colors to use? How about your feelings on orange as the color trend for spring? Aren't butterflies wonderful statement-making accessories (lol)?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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