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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Day of Class...& I'm Still Confused? Nah!!

Hi y'all!

This past Tuesday was my last day of class for the semester! Woo! It won't be a very long break for me personally as I'll be taking a summer course right after my finals are over but a break is a break and I sure could use one. For my last day, I wanted to really dress well but also have a little fun with my difficult-to-hide excitement boiling within so I put together the following:

Something about a fitted skirt or dress makes me instantly go into a rockabilly-inspired mood!

A pencil skirt is such an excellent staple in a woman's wardrobe because it is a versatile piece that's great for work and fun; exactly what I needed for the day. Were I to be heading for an interview or an event requiring a business look or if I just wanted to have a more serious look for the day, I'd pair this with a button-down of any color or pattern (the plain black of the skirt makes that kind of possibility available). Since my intent was to be a little more playful, though, I opted for a fun graphic tee instead! I chose this one, though due to the hi-waisted fit of the skirt it cut off the phrase a little, which actually says "I'm Confused...No Wait Maybe Not," because of the fact it is black with really colorful, practically neon(!) print (probably the most neon I'll go for at once).

As I said, I always get a feel for the rockabilly style of the 50's so I added these chunky-heeled peep-toed platforms with a skull print all over along with my leather jacket. I also added this simple heart necklace that carried the same sky blue shade as the beginning of the shirt's rainbow-colored print and some fun little colorful bracelets with butterflies, stars, and flowers. The pink of the shirt got covered up by the skirt so I substituted it with my pink purse.

The skirt reminds me of a librarian at times so I added a simple yet wavy ponytail. Originally my eyes carried the colors of the shirt but in a softer tone with some added shimmer but some of it faded away rather quickly since I don't have an eye primer just yet. Due to all that color, though, I added my nude-pink lipstick before I began to look eccentric.

What do you think of this outfit? For the ladies, do you have a pencil skirt and how do you make it work? How are you with neon colors (personally it's not a fave)? How are you winding down from school? Are you excited for the summer?! Are you still confused (I hope not!)?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna


  1. AWW Suemmiiii!! You're such a sweet bug pumpkin pie! Mwah Mwah! Love your outfit so much! It looks like one piece <3 Umm sexy mama

  2. oh my, i absolutely adore the shoes!!!!!! i am a total fan of the 50's (did you see my cat eyed glasses post a couple of days ago?) so you are definitely a girl after my own heart :D looking fab in the fitted skirt....i haven't worn one in ages, need to get one