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Friday, May 6, 2011

Are You Ready for the Weekend?

Hi everyone!

The weekend is almost here! I'm thrilled because this will undoubtedly be my best one in quite some time. I do want to share my outfit from last weekend to give y'all a simple way to work some essential pieces but with some flare to it! My way of doing so, GETTING COLORFUL!


When you take basic pieces such as a button down shirt, a tank top, a scarf, skinny distressed jeans, a belt, and toughened up boots, you can have a really great outfit if you keep it neutral. Adding color, though, gives it a really fun vibe and is perfect for a lovely spring weekend running around the city. I also added some extra texture with my vintage bag as well as some sparkle with my sunglasses and beret. Even though my allergies started up last week, I didn't let them stop me from looking great, which helps out with feeling great as well.

As for the color choices, with the lavender button-down being the main focus, I had all the other colors work around it so coral underneath warms it up. The in-your-face blue adds a nice pop. The green works because it plays well with purple and since the shade is also subdued, it plays well with lavender. I've heard not to use more than 4 colors at once but I kind of cheated if you notice my hot pink scrunchie, but otherwise everything else was kept to a neutral black base but remains a highlight with texture and sparkle.

Do you like this outfit? What's the most color you use in a single outfit? How do you spice up your basic pieces? What do you prefer for the weekend?

Also wanted to share this awesome photo with you all. It's a statue of Andy Warhol titled "The Andy Monument" that can be seen in Union Square, his place of work. To learn more about it, check out this article as well as to see even niftier photos:

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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