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Monday, June 27, 2011

Not So Fast Now!

Hey Y'all!

So much for getting back into the swing of things on here last week, but I didn't realize when I posted how packed my week was going to be! My mistake, and I apologize, but you'll definitely be seeing a lot from me this week. Why? I mentioned toward the beginning of the month that I wanted to do a haul of some things I picked up over Memorial Weekend (feels like forever ago!) but due to my laziness, I've been accumulating things within the month while delaying the haul. Initially, I was delaying because I wanted to make a video haul but as I don't have a quality video camera, I figured there is no need to sacrifice quality because I wanted to be impatient (also, this would mean I'd need to start developing a consistency on my channel and I'm not quite ready to take that step as of yet--patience is a virtue!). So I've decided that to get myself back into the swing of things on here as well as to tackle the ever-growing amount of items taking a part in my haul, I'd declare this week Haul Week!

BUT! Before I get started on sharing all the goods, I wanted to show y'all why I was so busy last week. The reason: My younger cousin went to her 8th Grade Prom as well as had her Graduation! I went for both occasions as her photographer/supporting cousin and couldn't have been more proud! What made me absolutely thrilled on both occasions was the fact that though these were moments representing the fact that she was growing up, she was till true to who she is a young person. Don't really understand what I mean? Here's the first set on the way to her prom:


And here is her after her graduation:


Now do you see what I mean? She's an absolute doll, I tell you! What I love about her in both of these celebrations is that she does not try to exceed her age even though the celebrations are all about her growth (physical as well as intellectual, though mostly the latter). So many girls at the age of 14 become so focused on becoming an adult as soon as possible and so they try to dress the part, but looking the part doesn't mean anything if you can't follow through on the responsibilities. Here, Genesis shows off her youth in proper way with heels that are comfortable for her and through wedges; dresses that flatter her figure beautifully and have a fun, youthful vibe to them; a simple hairdo paired with light makeup; and chic yet simple accessories, especially that diploma--nothing classier than that! Both times I saw her, my jaw dropped because it was a true testament to the overall beautiful young woman she's growing up to be and I find her to be such a fantastic example of dressing for who you are age-wise as well as for your body type. Whether young or old or somewhere in between, whatever you feel you are, dress to the nines on every occasion with pride! Your age can be nothing but a number but make it an important part of who you are that you honor through your style.

So what do you think of this gal? What did you wear for your middle school prom/graduation? Any youngsters in your life that you are helping out on their road to determining their style (cousins, nieces/nephews, daughters/sons, godchildren, friends)? If you could go back to that time, would you have worn the same thing again and why/why not? Any memories you'd like to share; all embarrassing, amazing, funny,  just plain weird, or super special ones are welcome to the comments section!

I didn't have a prom in 8th grade but I'll try to see if I can find any full shots of my Graduation Day to share with you all. I will admit that this dress was not initially what I wanted and was kind of weird as I was still trying to figure myself out but I think the dress was quite adequate for the occasion. I don't know that I'd pick it once again, perhaps I'd change the color to red, but I won't go into too much detail until I find a picture so that you guys can follow up on what I'm blabbering about.

Congratulations Genesis! You look absolutely fantastic sweetie!

Hasta Luego! Hope you enjoy Haul Week!

Little Luna

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