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Friday, March 25, 2011

Structured Mess

Ello everyone!

I sadly do not have a long mirror in which I can examine my outfit thoroughly as I get dressed and this can definitely be an issue when I'm in my morning rush to get to class on time (or close enough to it). To get past this issue though, my camera becomes my mirror and I decided to share with you this part of my routine.

This is close to my finished look. I go back and forth adding and taking away and altering my outfit till I can get something I'm satisfied with from all angles. Once I can figure out the outfit, my hair choice and makeup is usually quite easy to figure out from there as well as any additional accessories I feel would fit well, for which my actual mirror suits me just fine. After I did the above run through, I finished up and spent my day roaming around campus as follows:

This is another one of my grandma's beautiful pieces that I discovered the other day and this red, silky blouse is just heavenly! I love the design of the fabric and I think that there is some aesthetic appeal to the buttons not being visible. Also there is a clip-like button that is third from the bottom that cinches the waist a bit and allows for the option of closing the last two buttons of the shirt or not without it looking odd. Lastly, I never thought I'd see the day I'd wear a shirt with shoulder pads and dig it, but today was that day and I learned that it can be an awesome when your clothes lend balance to your shape, which was accomplished by pairing this with my favorite skinny jeans.

I took a trip down memory lane when I put on these Timberland boots from years ago and after today, I wonder why I've kept them off my feet for so long?! They are so very comfortable and the really funny thing I found out today is that by wearing them untied as I did, they actually gave my buns and thighs a good work out with all the walking I had to do in the day! I felt so toned once I got home so I'm definitely going to give that a try since my workout program is totally non-existent at the moment.

Since the look as a whole consists of a mix of structured vs. unstructured, I figured the hair ought to mirror that so I had a low messy bun to the left with a cream lace flower pin to the right. Fun and simple enough!

As I was taking these photos, the shoulder pads made me think of the 80's so then I started doing dance from back in the day.


Put your hands up and raise the roof!

Rock on!

Leave any comments about today's outfit below!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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