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Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Spring, "Yes, I Can Cook!"

Hi everyone!

I've been mentioning my desire to get into my Spring outfits and here they are!! Well, one at least. This was my first truly Spring outfit for quite some time last week and I was giggling deep down while on the train headed to school, as everyone was still in big, puffy, layered winter gear, even though it was practically 50-something degrees (that's definitely enough for me to pull out the shorts).




Usually I wear these shorts baggy and to the beach or somewhere laid-back but today I pulled them up and belted them to give them a very cute look, which has given me more initiative to wear them.

I honestly adore the socks & shoes trend and when I saw these socks in my search for the perfect pair to go with these shoes, it was a match made in heaven! Though many people around the area where I live looked at me weird and would state their opinion about it rather loudly and rudely, it just makes me shake my head at how critical people can be of each other. I know that I, too, am guilty of this in my own way, but it does not make it right. Regardless, my dad, whom I was with doing some shopping, and I simply laughed about it and he proceeded to give me his approval of it, which always makes me smile.

Lastly, this shirt is very special to me as I am constantly criticized about my "inability" to cook, though here we can obviously see that is sooo not the case! *wink wink* Though it is true. Cooking is not, nor ever has been, my "thing" but due to my culture as well as in my strive to be independent, I do need to work on it. But fear not my dears! I bring you good news! Check this out!

Feel free to laugh at me but I am so so proud of myself for this! Granted, I did need some coaching over the phone from my best friend Salvador, as my first egg did not turn out so perfect, but no one was around to help me out with it in the physical sense! And might I add, this sandwich was mm-mm-mmmm delicioso!!! So the moral of the story: My shirt speaks the truth!

How are you liking this outfit? How about my sandwich? What do you make of this teasing Spring weather (this coming week is headed back to cooler temps)? Can you cook, and if you can, what's your specialty? If you can't, are you like me when it comes to cooking and don't like it as much as you enjoy eating?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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