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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Message to All Relating to the Persisting Natural Disasters

Hi everyone. This post is different from the usual fashion-related stuff. It's more philosophical/humanitarian-based and related to the recent events of the earthquakes in Japan and the Pacific. So I truly urge you to read on, as I hope it will get you all thinking along with me:

My heart goes out to you all. I do know of some people there and the moment I heard about the natural disasters that only persisted, I could not stop thinking about them as well as the many many people who were suffering and trying to escape such suffering, depending on where exactly they were. I know this is simply the way of life. Nature takes a turn for the worse and a part of that involves the natural course of humanity, the end, death. But when things such as this happen, it really puts life in perspective for everyone, both affected and observers. Sadly, many observers will continue on without holding that thought in mind longer than the time they are watching it on television or online, and it is an issue.

As humans who ought to be united, we should be considering the true effect such scenarios have on our fellow humans in other countries. We may not know them today, but tomorrow that may change, and then you will care. So what prevents you from caring today? I know I did not give the quakes of New Zealand much mind, but after today's events, this came to my mind and made me realize that if I truly want to strive to be a better human and advocate for a progressive human race, I need to care. It is the first step to trying to find ways to help. And this doesn't even have to only apply to the large scale I speak of now, but can even be something you can look to do within your neighborhood.

I bring this up in this way, though, not solely because it is what provoked these thoughts but also due to the fact I often see people who refuse to care about issues that do not affect them immediately. I won't deny that I occasionally do this as well but I realize our individualistic culture, capitalist economy, and controlling government all play a role in our way of thinking, more than we would like to accept, and I am taking the steps to change this; though a slow process, it is essential for the goals that I have in mind. I ask that you, too, join me in doing so. We are capable of bringing about amazing things to this world but in order to do so we must unite, not separate ourselves into individual bubbles.

Let's learn to truly care about our fellow humans everywhere. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can offer true help to those who need it.

I'll be looking into ways that help our friends everywhere facing these earthquakes. I ask you do the same however you see fit, but be sure that your support is really reaching them.

Hasta Luego, and be safe everyone.

Little Luna

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