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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Spring? I See You're Holding Winter's Hand

Hey there everyone!

Spring is finally here! At least according to the calendar it is, though it seems Winter has rubbed off on it. In the City at least last week's glorious Spring weather has converted back to cold times. On Monday it was almost hard to believe it was the first day of Spring! Regardless, I tried to do my best to stay warm and dry from the inter-season rains but still have a touch of the warmer weather to come.


Funny story about some of my clothing: the sweater you see above actually used to belong to my younger brother! With a number of my clothing and accessories, I have picked up from him and my childhood (the perks of being a petite lady). I am also known to shop the little boys section for clothing sometimes. I'm not usually too crazy about the little girls section for me at least; I guess that's just the tomboy in me that will always be there. 

I do this because why limit myself to what is marketed to women when I see something I really like that's for another audience? A true lover of self-expression knows to think outside the box, whether it be in fashion, writing, music, etc. I suppose Spring is doing the same now (Or perhaps it's just global warming--as backwards as that sounds right now)?

Regardless, I tried to downplay the boyish-ness of the sweater by keeping everything else feminine (necklace--which is definitely one of my flea market buys!--cloche, leggings, purse, hairstyle). Also, a little pattern mixing helps as well with the sweater's stripes and my button down's plaid. Lastly, belting is key, as it keeps my silhouette looking feminine instead of big and husky-looking (which is what it looks like without the belt due to the loose fit).

So tell me what you think about this look! Can you tell this is a boy's sweater? Have you considered getting something that wasn't intended to be marketed to you? In what ways do you live outside the box?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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