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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Hey there y'all!

Going to the flea market is such a spectacular way to spend the day, even if it's just browsing around, because the things you see can really get a person thinking about the things in their life and how they can bring in very old antiques to breathe new life into their wardrobe or home. I was a faithful to the Aqueduct Flea Market in Queens, the biggest in all five boroughs, but sadly last year it closed down as the space had been taken over to build casinos. I won't even begin to express how upsetting that is, but I'm sure you can figure I was not happy to hear that. I had already organized a day at the flea market with my aunt though (who has forever been an influence on many aspects of my life, fashion and style being one of them) and so I had to try and find a supplement immediately! Enter Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.

There are different parts to it within Manhattan but we went to the one located in Hell's Kitchen on the crisp Saturday afternoon. We only went to just browse for a short while due to the time of day but it was enough for us to make plans to go back sometime in April. It is a small flea market, especially in comparison to Aqueduct, but the items that are brought out are enough to leave anyone who goes there wanting to go time and time again. Some of the fun things I saw were an 1820s Trunk, vintage gold Michael Kors shoes with a leaf design on it, a 1950s satchel, and a beautiful night-sky-blue bangle decorated smiling suns, shooting stars, and, of course, little smiling moons! Sadly I didn't get it but I'm crossing my fingers it'll wait for my next trip, and if not, I'm happy to have it in my memory and treasure its beauty, along with the numerous other items I saw, and trust me, the list of those memorable items goes on and on! I don't think I can stress how fabo that place was!

The great news is that the prices there are pretty wonderful and so my aunt did score me a few lovely little things that I've already started wearing:


I personally am a huge lover of costume jewelry over gold and silver and all that other stuff. I find them so much more expressive and fun to mix and match, but everyone has their preferences. The following day I attended Left Forum and I immediately put on the red,white, black, and silver beaded necklace that is so very reminiscent of the 80s. I didn't take any pictures of myself but my friend did describe me as one of the more "distinctly dressed people there," which isn't meant to be a good or bad comment but just an observation. I felt pretty good in my outfit that day, which was casual but well-put, and the necklace undoubtedly put a nice blend to it as a whole. I can see all of these necklaces doing that for any outfit I decide to pair them with.

As for the gloves, I thought the fact they looked pretty worn out gave them a little something special, but they still look quite gorgeous to me. Especially after having lost my H&M pair a few months back, you can bet I was not hesitating to buy these, which became quite useful that very Saturday as the temperature began to drop, as well as has been the case this week.

If you are in the City, I definitely recommend hitting up the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. I hope to go see their sister venues soon as well and I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed when I do! I guarantee you won't be in this one at the very least!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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