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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking back to Live Now

Hey loves!

Hope you all have been doing splendid! Just wanted to share some photos I took after a family celebration in which I used some past inspiration for a lovely look, from head to toe.





I really loved this outfit because it was just fun in every way. The colors, the socks, the I really need to go through the list? And might I add, when you are wearing a fun outfit, it is impossible not to have fun wherever you may be. Probably something you ought to keep in mind on one of your down days or when you aren't too thrilled to go out. It is a total pick-me-up!

So what decades of inspiration do you see here (I can think of a few)? Which decades inspire you and your style? How about when it comes to your hobbies, ie. watching old movies from the 60s, reading Victorian literature, dancing swing, etc.?

By the way, here is my horrible attempt at a wink while posing:
I hope you guys laugh. I enjoy making people laugh, even if I can't see it. But as you can see, I cannot wink without looking some type of awkward to save my life! I kind of wish I could pull it off with a sense of coy or something, but we can't be perfect now can we? I'll figure something else out to take its place!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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