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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grandma Clothes

Hi everyone!

Did you know that the closet is a magical place? And I'm not really talking about magical in the sense of the wardrobe in "The Chronicles of Narnia." What I mean is when you stick to just picking out certain things time and time again and neglect searching around for something you have picked up in a while, or even more so, something you didn't even know you had in there! 

Case in point: Yesterday morning I was looking for something to wear to school and was actually looking for a vest that has mysteriously disappeared (perhaps another magical aspect of the closet) and stumbled upon some of my grandma's clothing from when she would live with my family! I immediately fell in love with them and though I didn't have much time, I played a little dress up. In the process, I found something to wear that was quite easy to pair up with some other pieces of mine and voila!



If you can't really make out what the patches on the shirt are, here's a close up:

Too adorable! What I found really amusing was that pretty much all the little shirt patches resembled current fashion trends (plaid, floral, colorblock, ethnic/tribal) and upon the off-white color of the shirt, I think it can be a really versatile piece.

The shirt fits me a bit long and since the weather isn't really Spring-like just yet, I decided to go with an edgy look by cinching the waist with my fave tough-girl belt, these faux leather leggings and my beloved red stilettos. I still thought something was missing though since I didn't think my hair required any special look so I added the fedora because a fedora is just an awesome hat to have, and mine are either black or white, neither  which complement the outfit too well, but this one that mixes the two subdues each color enough so that it looks well.

Sound off! Do you like this one? Think the shirt looks too granny-like or is it right for the times? Have you borrowed or even taken clothing from older family members because you thought they were great for yourself (they won't miss it anyway)? Do you have anyone whose style you love to look at from long ago in your family?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna


  1. I love those leggings! and that's a funky shirt. I actually like it. It's different :)

  2. Thanks so much! I've been neglecting to put up info related to where my pieces come from but the leggings were Forever 21 (I think they're still selling some faux leather leggings). And I know! Thanks so much! Grandma had some good taste. :)