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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Running Errands

Hello hello!!

Due to unpredicted circumstances, my original plan to spend my Spring Break hanging out in the city didn't work out. But on Thursday I had to go run some errands and the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous! So I put together something quick and classy.


This floppy hat has been a love of mine for years now. It even has SPF abilities! Talk about essentially cute?! Like my shorts in my previous post, I usually leave this for a trip to the beach on a sunny day, but with the capabilities of this hat, why leave it for just looking nice at the beach? The other day I wore this hat and thought I forgot my sunglasses (though it turned out they were hiding in my bag from me) but it didn't matter because this hat's wide floppy brim shielded the sun from my eyes and I was able to see till the sun went down.

This canvas square messenger bag is my go-to bag for days when I run errands as it is spacious and simple. I usually only use it for such because it makes life easy when picking out the rest of the outfit because regardless of what I wear, it's neutral color allows for peace of mind. It is also my preferred bag for putting pins on, though I have taken a few off, but I'm thinking of adding them back on to give it some 'tude.

After a day of errands, I like to wind down with a good snack and a few months back I found out about my current love, edamame! It's little soybeans and is nutritious and delicious! I definitely recommend it!


How do you like the outfit? It's simple enough to pull together and a good look for a day running errands. What do you like to wear when you're out and about and all over the place? Do you bother with appearance at all on such days or do you have something you always resort to or do you spend your time running around trying to find something you feel good in both comfort and style? What do you like to snack on during a busy day?

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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