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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dictionary for Dolls & Dudes: Panache

Hey everyone!

So it's Wednesday and I thought I would start up a "Word of the Week" feature on here to bring you all some light into the jargon of the fashion and beauty communities. To keep it relative to the purpose as well as fun, I've titled it the "Dictionary for Dolls & Dudes" (because alliteration never becomes cliched at all)!

To start us off, I'll begin with the word that got me thinking about this in the first place:


(Noun) Pronounced "Pah-nawsh, with the accent on the second syllable" 

Definition: Flamboyance in regards to one's style or action.

Example: There was such panache displayed at John Galliano's final Dior collection, it's hard to believe he can truly be replaced.

Origin: The word is of Latin origin (pinnaculum) but the connotation it carries today derives from its French origin (pennache) and literally means the "plume" of a hat or helmet. The word itself became often associated with King Henry IV of France, who was recognized not only by his characteristics as a pleasure-loving, cynical and courageous but also by the white plume that always adorned his helmet and was a part of his battle cry: "Ralliez-vous à mon panache blanc!" Translation: "Follow my white plume!"

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The reason I took note of this word was a blog I began following that really intrigued me, titled Panache Offblast, but I had no idea what the term in the title meant! I figured I wasn't the only one, though, because language is always transforming as well as fashion and beauty, so put the two together, and you bet that there are new words getting introduced into those aspects of culture as well. Thus I came up with this idea, which as a lover of language, I thought it would fun feature to share with you all!

Did you know of the word "Panache"? Do you use it in your speech frequently or on occasion? Do you like the word? If you didn't know of it or use it before, will you start to now?

Hope you enjoyed this feature and look forward to being a part of this small-yet-large aspect of fashion and beauty, because how you talk to folks in the industry can make or break who your connections in it.

Also, any words you've heard but aren't sure of? Feel free to post below or shoot me an email at or you can even tweet me (Twitter info is off to the right)!

Hasta Luego!

Little Luna

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