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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Fast, the Furious, and the Fashionable

Hey everyone!

I hope you've all been well during my blogging absence. I seem to have an odd habit of skipping out during October. Then again, it may not be all that odd seeing as exams and paper seem to be never-ending during that time--if you're also in college, I'm sure you know what I mean. :P Anyway, I'm back, and right in time for Thanksgiving! Disregarding the history of colonialism and genocide that is attached-yet-ignored, I enjoy having the day off for the sole purpose of pausing and seeing what has gotten me through another year and being grateful for the accomplishments, downfalls, and everything in between.

Before I skip over to that, though, I'm going to backtrack all the way to September once again! Not intending to tout my own horn, but the blog attracts readers from all over the world and so while Winter is right around the corner for me, many of you are enjoying Spring elsewhere and so some earlier examples of how I made it through the transitional season of Fall may (hopefully) be a source of inspiration for you. Then again, the weather's been so wonky for us in the States that perhaps it doesn't matter and you'll be able to pull off a lovely autumnal look regardless!

Anyway, let's jump right into it! The same week as IFBCon I only had one day of school, and lucky me, it was a rainy day that I decided to oversleep a bit on. I also had plans with my friend for the evening for Fashion's Night Out and knew I wouldn't have much time at home to change into something completely different. So how do you handle having to look good on a crappy day AND while in a hurry? Here's the formula I came up with for daytime and evening (don't hate on my Rugrats sheets):

Start off with a dressy and flattering top

Jeans are a great go-to item but wearing the right pair is essential. For daytime, a distressed straight-legged tones down the dressiness of the top but cuffing them helps to keep the look clean. Come nighttime, switch it to a plain dark skinny keeps you looking svelte and chic.

During the day was rainy so some scuffed up ankle boots such as the ones to the left are perfect to be comfortable, dry, and able to hurry anywhere without a problem. The evening was much more misty so switch it up to some heeled booties that will also keep your tootsies dry while looking good and keeping comfy.

Belt it up with a simple belt. As you can see, I kept things black thus far so let the accessories make the outfit stand out.

For toppers, a nice vest with a fantastic design on the back does well for both day and night. Due to the morning rain, I also had this chic navy jacket and rolled the sleeves up a bit to better the fit.

A backpack is great for those days on the run to school--just throw your books, pens, and any other essentials in and your packed! This one pairs nicely with the outfit due to the minor detail of the brown buttons on the jacket. For evening, switch it up and minimize the load with a cute clutch. Grey and black with hints of pink, this makes for a great pop to your outfit as well as a guide for your makeup.

When it comes to hair and makeup, you want to keep it unfussy and fantastic with minimal effort. With hair, keep it loose during the day but adding a lovely headband that contrasts with the top gives it a nice touch. For evening, a simple side ponytail with an accent, such as these contrasting flower pins brings forth the same effect in a more elegant way.

Lastly, keep your makeup as simple as you can! This double duty mascara is great as you can add some length for the day and then pack on the volume for evening. As for the lips, moisturized lips are essential before anything. A nice cutesy pink such as that on the left is a great choice for the day and looks very sweet on a rainy day at that while an in-your-face fuchsia ups the ante at night.

And with that, you're ready to go!

Off to school!

Prepped for the city without a hair out of place!

I've had a few more days on the run since then and I have to say, this "formula," if you will, has really proven to be fantastic! But what about you? How do you prep when you're in a rush and the odds seem stacked against you? Do you have any key pieces that you resort to in such a scenario? Do you have your own formula set up? Did you get to enjoy Fashion's Night Out forever ago?

With that, I'll leave you with some photos from my ventures with my best friend Henry from our night!

The Sephora at Times Square got some amazing dancers to perform from outside into the store! To be honest, I went in looking for Michelle Phan though.

Desigual looks amazing always!

We spent our time at Lord & Taylor, who broke each store level into a different part of the city and had DJs playing music relative to each area's culture!

Party time and we poppin' champagne!

Our photo op together--we're absolute dorks! <3

He bought these fantastic Steve Madden shoes on sale and got a foot scoop for free as well!

He has pizzazz! Hee hee

 Hasta Luego! And since the time has come, Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep in mind what brought the holiday to be and be able to decipher what is worth being thankful for, both good and bad.

Little Luna

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